Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday after Christmas

I sure hope every one had a Wonderful Christmas ! We spent ours with our children and loved every minute of it. This is what the Christmas tree looked like before we opened our presents.
I have alot of pictures of us opening the presents but every one had the bed head look so I promised them all that I wouldn't blog those pictures. But we had a great time.
The weather is extremely warm here today. High is suppose to be 73 degrees and storms coming in tonight to cool us off tomorrow. Its nice to sit here 2 days after Christmas with the door open to the deck and feel the warm breeze.
I am enjoying some quiet time right now as Daniel and Allison have gone to take her boyfriend to the Airport. He has to work Monday and had to return home early. We really like him a lot! We couldn't ask for a nicer guy and he is so good to our daughter. Hoping he will be our son-in-law one day soon.
I wanted show the cute little packages of Cocoa that I made for my Co-workers this year. I got the template from my blogger bud, Lolly from Lollychops. They turned out so cute!

They made some really great gifts and the cocoa recipe was easy to make too. Thanks Lolly!!!
I also wanted to show the vintage Christmas table cloth that was my Grandmothers. And also one of the pretty poinsettias that I got this year. Well I better get off this computer and do a few things before Dan and Ally get back. I have some lyaringtus today and not feeling so great. Guess its this crazy weather we have been having.
Hope every one has a wonderful week-end!



Jeanie said...

How beautiful! Love the hot chocolate idea -- it looks wonderful! So glad you had a beautiful Christmas! Give my best to the bedheads -- I bet they're still playing!

Rosa said...

It all looks wonderful! Look at those presents! How fun!! I'm so happy you're enjoying yourself! Miss you gf. Happy happy!

JessInFocus said...

Your tree is beautiful. I'm so glad you got to have your family together this year. Your hot chocolate packets look great. Miss ya!

Janet said...

Your tree looks so pretty with all the presents under it. Sounds like you had a great Christmas.

Love that hot cocoa idea! And I'm sure your co-workers did too.

jet1960 said...

I love seeing other people's Christmas decorations. Your tree is loverly and so are the cocoa gifties for your friends! What a great presentation!

The vintage tablecloth is pretty, too! I am a sucker for anything vintage Christmas, but especially linens. I don't run across them too much, though, at thrift stores, guess people tend to hang on to them, at least around here.

LollyChops said...

They came out great Beth!!! and I love that table cloth! I have a few from my grammy as well and I really cherish them!