Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Postcards

I made these for a Christmas Postcard swap that I am in this season. I Love making Postcards.
I used alot of rubber stamps with these. The little girl and Santa is a Oxford Impressions stamp. I Love Suzanne's stamps.
I also found out from my Dear friend Jill that Lisa Vollrath has some great free Vintage images she is giving away for December if you post a link to her site. I too, like Jill, have been a fan of hers since starting in Altered Art. Go visit her site and look at her other sites too. She has some great tutorials and some wonderful goodies for sale that are great for all of our Art Project needs. And another great blog site also from Jill, Art by Chrysti, is having a great giveaway called the 29 days of giveaways. She will be giving something away for the next 29 days, so make sure you visit her site too. Its always so nice to have such generous artists to take to giveaway such great prizes. So please visit both of these great Artists sites!
I hope every one has a great Wednesday!


JessInFocus said...

You are so good! i love the cards. I'll have to look into her blog! Thanks!

vicci said...

Bethie Girl...I have missed you so! I'm back on and off...what a year it's Dad took a nasty fall...and I don't things will ever be the same...I got very still dealing with that....BUT...Europe was a high-light! XXOOO..How's Mom??? E-mail me...XXXOOO

Shelley said...

Those are very creative. Love them, Beth.

PEA said...

I just love the postcards you make and these are no exception, they're just gorgeous!! Thank you for the links, I'll go check them out:-) xoxo

Jeanie said...

These are beautiful, Beth -- you've been busy. Hopefully today you'll get my ornament from the swap -- I mailed it a week ago today!

Love the new background. You've been busy!

jet1960 said...

Your postcards are so beautiful! I'm sorry I thought I had already commented and told you this. Losing my mind, I guess! If you see it somewhere, please let me know, lol!

Love the layers of color on these!

Rosa said...