Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Eye Candy

I was in a Christmas ornament swap with Jeanie and Shelley this season. This is the beautiful ornament that I received from Jeanie. I Love it. She knows I Love Kittys and she does too. It is so cute and I already have it on my tree,,front and center. The pictures aren't that great as I had to use my scanner as my camera batteries were charging. Below is the front of the ornament and next picture is the back.

Thanks so much Jeanie,,I will treasure it always. I hope you get mine this week,,it was sent out Monday.
A little more art that I have received lately is some 4 x 4 Christmas chunky pages. I was in a swap and received 4 of them.

And I also participated in a Christmas ATC swap too.

I really didn't participate in too many swaps this Holiday season. I did a Christmas inchie with my Mom and another with someone in another group. And I also did a Christmas Banner swap and should receive it this week. I will post pictures of it when I get it. I am also doing a Goodie box swap will that Jill is hosting. You send your partner a good size box of artsy stuff such as art supplies, pictures, embellishments, etc... I think this will be fun as I always love to get goodies that I can use in the mail.
I have been working fast and furiously on some jewelry projects that I am giving as presents. I also making some Hot Cocoa bags to give to some of my co-workers. I got the cutest template and recipe over at Lollychop's blog. She is so generous in giving all kinds of cool templates, patterns, and recipes away on her blog. The templates are in PDF form. She also had some cool Christmas gift tags and little cards. I have really enjoyed visiting her blog and she is just a really nice friend,,and her posts are funny too. So pay her a visit and say Hi!
I sure do have to say this. Some times when I get kind of sad and blue, which does happen sometimes,,I know I can always count on my blogger buds to cheer me up. And all of you do that for me. I go to your blogs and read them and smile. Or if your sad and blue or sick or have family that is not well, I can sympathize and know that I am not the only one feeling that way or the same kind of issues. So always know that you have a good friend in me too.
Ok,,,I had to get a little sentimental today,,lol.
I hope every one has a wonderful Wednesday!!!


JessInFocus said...

Love the art work. Everyone did a great job! Thanks for sharing. :)


Jeanie said...

I'm glad it finally arrived. 10 days. That's too long for first class! Boy, you've had a good haul of mail -- love it all. Wish I'd had time to do the inchies, banner swap and Jill's ephemera one. Just not the year.

I couldn't agree more about blogger buddies being great in helping us lift spirits!

Rosa said...

You are a good friend. What beautiful ornaments Jeanie! Love them! And the ATCs, always beautiful. I didn't do one swap this year. Ugh!

CattyCat said...

Well you already know my favorite is the Kitty one, of course. But you are doing such cute Christmas art. Fun time of year.

Oh, I've started posting Amandas Nepal/Himilaya trip pictures. Will be a project over time.

jet1960 said...

You've received some great art! Love the house ornament from Jeanie! That is so cute!

You are right about blog friends, as you and others have been so kind to me when I needed it and I'm so grateful for that.

Flower said...

Your art is great!! Did you know that your blog is all red with purple print for the first few seconds? It's cool!! Then poof..it transforms. Did I miss something?

Shopgirl said...

It's the best kind of fun, thank you for sharing.

Shopgirl said...

It's the best kind of fun, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.