Monday, December 01, 2008

Art, Christmas deco, and pain!

Today is Monday and I have been in pain since yesterday. I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday night with severe shooting pains in my foot. My Gout has returned with a vengeance. I spent most of the day in bed yesterday as I could hardly walk at all. Its also forming in some of my other joints too. My bad ankle that I broke is really sore today and my wrists and fingers are achy too. Gout is a form of rheumatoid arthritis. I had an appointment to go see a specialist 2 months ago, but I backed out as I wasn't hurting as much. I hate going to doctors. Now I wish I had.
I will be seeing one as soon as I can today as I cannot stand this pain.
We woke up this morning to snow showers outside. Our temps are not cold enough for it to stick but it looks pretty. I am wondering if this strong cold front that is coming through is what started my painful bout of gout.
Saturday was a fun day. Daniel and I got in the Christmas mood and did some decorating. We started with the outside lights. Here is a pic of me sitting in the driveway untangling the icicle lights.

It wasn't cold outside, just cloudy and windy. But I still tried to keep bundled up from the cool wind.
Daniel was the official lights "putter upper". He is part monkey and will climb great heights to put up lights,,not me,,I don't do heights.

Ok,,I did use the stepladder on the front porch and actually was on the very first wrung of the ladder putting up my stars across the porch.

Even from this height I felt a little shaky,,lol.
The next pictures were taken at dusk. Some of the stars(they are motion stars so they are all not lit up in these pics) and the blue icicle lights that run along the roof top.

I will get more pictures of the house in the dark after my gout eases up.
Next I went inside and started on my Christmas tree. I wanted a real tree again this year but decided to just go with my old fake tree and get it over with.
Got to sort the branches and start the task of building the tree.

Ok,,lights are on and now for the star.
I did get the whole tree decorated that night but didn't get pictures of it. I will take some this week as it looks really pretty.
While I was off last week for the holiday I was very creative. I worked on several swaps and completed them. I also did some soldering on some pendants.

I made a few of them into necklaces and will make more necklaces and pendants. They will be presents this year. I couldn't get a very good shot of the pendants but will try to get some better pics soon.
Now I am off of here and back to bed with my ice pack. "Hurry up Doc and get in your office cause I need some relief"
Its getting very white outside and the snow is sticking on the roof tips and grass,,thankful not the roads. So pretty!
I will post later about my doctor appointment outcome.
Hope every one had a wonderful Thanksgiving,,and Christmas isn't too far away.
Have a great Monday!!!


JessInFocus said...

I am so sorry about your foot! You better get to the Dr. girlie! Your Christmas decorations and necklaces are beautiful. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Sure wish this snow would stick! If it is going to be cold it should at least look nice! :)

jet1960 said...

We got some snow for about 30 minutes this morning. Was pretty while it lasted.

Sorry to hear about the gout. I've read that vinegar helps(drinking it with honey to get it down) but that is not scientific, of course, and the doctor is not going to tell you this. Not sure if it works as, thankfully, I've not had this problem. What happens is that you are getting uric acid crystals forming in your joint fluid because your levels are too high. I think they will make diet recommendations, too. Hope you get better, anyway. Sending get well thoughts.

You and your hubby look cute in the pictures. We don't have any Christmas up yet except dh's North Pole Christmas village which he wanted to leave up all year and last year was so stressful with Mom's stroke that I didn't argue with him.

PEA said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that you're in so much pain from your gout again:-( Hopefully it's just the change in weather that is making it act up and that it will soon ease up again. I love Christmas lights and no doubt your house looks just beautiful when it's all lit up at night:-) I have some star lights in my living room picture window!!

We had another snowstorm overnight so we have tons of sure looks pretty though:-) xoxox

Cat said...

Feel better!
My fibromyalgia has been playing me up.

Love the lights, I live with a grinch.

Shelley said...

Woa! That's a JOB. But you're way ahead of me! I've yet to do that. Wanna come to my house next?

LOVE the necklaces. I've wanted to know how to make those.

CattyCat said...

Wow Beth, that looks like a whole lot of work. Untangling always the hardest part.

You are making really beautiful jewelry. Are you selling on a site? Sure should be.

Sorry that gout is getting you down so thoroughly. Sounds just awful.

Shopgirl said...

These are lovely, great minds and all that, I too am making charms. did you make the gold ones...I haven't seen that before.
Big Hugs, Mary

Jeanie said...

Oh, Beth -- I'm reading backwards and I'm sorry you've been in such pain. Ick.

But your house is looking wonderful. You've been a busy woman!

Take care. j

Rosa said...

I've always wanted those icecickles, but ya think I'd get my hub up on a ladder? Uh, I don't think so! tehe. It all looks beautiful Beth.