Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home at last!

My Dad got to come home yesterday from the Rehab. He is still on Oxygen and pretty weak but we are expecting a ful recovery for him. He was so glad to be home after being gone for a month. And his sweet little Bichon doggie was thrilled to have him home too. Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts that were sent our way, they really do help so much!
I haven't been posting much lately but life has been hectic and stressful and I am tired of whining about it,,ha!
Hope to post some more positive thoughts soon. I miss you all but I am still visiting your blogs as much as I can.
Have a wonderful rest of the week!


jet1960 said...

I bet he IS glad to be home and I am so glad he's there now and to hear he is going to recover. Bet Ms. Lottie will be happy, too! Hope she is doing ok. Sorry to hear things are still stressful. It's been busy at work this week, but thankfully I just finished my work rotation, so I start my 7 off days now. Yay! Hope things slow down some soon for you.

Janet said...

That's great news! There really is no place like home. I actually think it helps to be in your own familiar surroundings to recuperate.

You don't whine! You've had serious problems to face and lots of them! Whining is when you complain about the weather like I do!!

Flower said...

It is good to hear that things are going better and your dad is home. He must be so happy for that!
Do take care and I'll take your advice...make some Z bread!! I have a baseball bat sized zucchini that would work!

Mary Timme said...

Life has been hectic? Nah, you're kidding me right? I should think it has been hectic! You really don't have to apologize to us, as we think you've been busy too! I'm just glad he is back home with his doggy and doing better.

PEA said...

Hello dear Beth:-)

Such wonderful news that your dad is now home and the worst is behind him. He can now heal and recover fully in beloved surrounding. I can well imagine how stressful this has all been for you, just know that we're all here for you!! xoxo

Rosa said...

So glad to hear sd is home. I'm sure your mom is happy to have him. Don't worry about whining. We all have to. And you've had plenty to whine about. C'mon girl. xo

robinbird said...

i'm really glad for you that your dad is home! and the love of a dog is a great comfort and thrill to have waiting for you.

JessInFocus said...

That is wonderful! So glad he is home!

My life has been hectic too. I would post more, but hate to whine! No need to apologize. You have a life. :)

Miss you!

Shopgirl said...

Hurry, I am so glad he is home. I know this has been a hard year for your family, but with tears comes the smiles, SMILE!
Hugs, Mary

Annie said...

Fantastic news Beth. I am so happy for you and your mother. Take good care of dad. He's a keeper.

I also wanted to let you know that I'm taking a short break from blogging. I have lots of creative stuff going on so for the moment it's "blogging without obligation" time.


Jeanie said...

Congratulations, my friend. That is indeed wonderful news. I know you are swamped with work and all -- do take care!

Cat said...

Congrats on getting him home may his progress continue.

Cat said...

I'm happy for your Dad to be home and I'm sure his dog was happy too.

Best wishes on continued recovery!

CattyCat said...

This is heaven sent Beth. I'm so happyto read he is home.