Monday, August 04, 2008

Rat Terriers and Harleys don't mix well !!!!

So sorry I didn't get to post this week-end as I promised. But I have decided that I am going to say that Jess, Jill, and Flower are winners! I have Jess and Jill's addy and I am hoping to get Flowers this week. You all will be sent some surprises in the mail,,guaranteed to make you happy. Thanks to all for the wonderful comments.
So this week-end we spent it down at the old house trying to make it shine. Our realtor is bringing in the potential buyers this week. We have reduced the price so we do not have to put in new carpet and other small items. But we are tired of working on it as our jobs are pretty intense right now and with my parents not being in very good health its just becoming a big burden on us, especially financially. So we may not make much off of it but at least it will be off our backs. Please send prayers and positive thoughts that it will sell.
While we were down there working Saturday, we took our baby Brat Terrier, Little Lady. She has a runner in the front yard there and loves to go down there with us. She is inside all week when we are at work, so on the week-ends I want her to be outside as much as possible as she loves being outside.
Well we were inside working and she was suppose to be on her runner. The runner is a necessity because that road is extremely busy. Daniel heard something at the front door and when he opened it there was Lady. She came in and didn't have her collar on. Her collar was a little old but a good one that I had bought at the vets and was guaranteed for life. I told Daniel that I was going to run down the hill to our vets and buy her another one.
When I got back Daniel was on the front porch having a melt down. When I got to the porch he told me that a man had just stopped by to bring him her collar and tell us that he had hit her with his Harley Davidson Motorcycle. He told Daniel that he wasn't going very fast but that she ran right out in front of him. Well its a known fact that Ms. Lady doesn't like motorcycles at all, period!!! I was so thankful that the man had returned and told us or we wouldn't have known what happened to her. By that point she was starting to bleed from a cut on her face that we had not noticed until the man stopped by with the collar. So down we go again to the Vets with a wounded Lady dog.
They had to put her asleep and stitch her face and also 3 of her little teeth in the front of her mouth were pushed up into her gums and they had to pull them out too. Lesson to be learned,,,you don't try to bite big Motorcycles! I had to pick a very groggy Brat Terrier at 4:30 that afternoon. And pay the vet $333 because Ms. Lady just had to have a go at it with the Harley. But she is alive and is going to be fine and that's worth any amount of money to us!
So this was just another chapter in our "Year from H***" I have finally figured out to not say
"whats going to happen next?",,,because something probably will. But my attitude is that next year is going to be a lot better, at least that's the prayer for now.
Step-dad is doing much better and is getting a little more coherent now. We have much hope that he will be back home with us soon. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for him.
I also hope everyone had a great week-end and hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


Flower said...

Poor little Brat! It sure was nice of the motorcyle man to come to your house and tell you what happened. It hurts to think of how your dogs face hurt and maybe still does. I will send up a prayer!! Dogs are people too! :))
I didn't expect to get anything for my guess!! You are too sweet. I'll e-mail you.
Have a better week!!

Flower said...
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JessInFocus said...

I am so sorry your Brat Terrier was hit by a motorcycle, but at least he stopped. You don't see much of that any more. Hope she gets to feeling better and gets back to herself again. You are so sweet to send us all a gift! There is nothing like surprise mail!

Jeanie said...

Oh, Beth! Oh, no! Well, I'm glad she made it, but oh, dear, you must be just frantic, relieved, scared and a thousand things at once. I'm glad the guy stopped, though, but oh, dear. You HAVE had a year. Glad your dad is doing well. That's a relief, at least.

We're back, so I should be a better blog checker!

Scott Watkins said...

Glad too hear Lady is doing ok!

Claire said...

Poor little Lady! I'm glad the motorbiker came back and told you what had happened though.


jet1960 said...

Poor doggie! She must have a fierce heart to be going after a motorcycle. It was good of the rider to stop and tell you and thank goodness, he did. She would have been in so much pain and you wouldn't have known it for awhile. Most people don't care anymore. I will be praying that things get better and am glad to hear you stepdad is on the mend.

Mary Timme said...

Sometimes it take awhile to learn the big lessons in life. When my children were little I used to catch them before they went out into the street and explain to them that their bodies were like jello when compared to a car. Usually two times for the 3 year old and 15 for the 2 year old and they began to get it. All kids know what jello feels like and how soft it is, so it seemed a good comparison to me. Too bad you can't tell little brat dog that and have her understand.

robinbird said...

poor baby brat dog! you scared me for a minute when you said they had to "put her to sleep.." i am glad she is alright. i shoed my husband her picture and read hi your post and he said she sounded like a good little terrier...always having to prove something. zippy is our terrier and weighs a grand total of 2 1/2 pounds and would surely chase a harley if she could find one :)

i will pray for some relief for you and your family beth.

Cat said...

Oh my poor little Lady!!! I'm so glad she is okay! I almost hit a dog with my Harley once - it ran out in front of me and I'm braking and swerving and dodging and praying all at once and we both got thru it unscathed! Scarry stuff for both the rider and the dog!

Give Lady a hug for me.

Our little JRT, Annie, has been on the back of the harley twice now & seems to be calm enough. We're getting her used to it so we can drop her off at mom's in Wyoming on our way to Portland at the end of the month on our bikes.

Smiles, Cat

Rosa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Like you needed more stress. I swear, you're going to have a fantastic 2009! Guaranteed! Glad to hear your sd is doing better too. Big hug my friend. xo

Cat said...

Lady is such a firecracker!

I'm glad she is healing up and doing well. I posted sad news about Annie, she has tested positive for heartworm. We are going to start the treatment. Prayers... please.