Friday, August 01, 2008

The answer is ?????

Katydid is the correct answer for my visiting friend on the previous post. Three of my wonderful blogger buds guessed it correct. Jess, Jill, and Flower. Tomorrow I will anounce the winner and show what I am sending to the winner! But you got to know these girls are country girls and know their bugs!!!
We had a sad disappointment yesterday. My nephew, Seth, who is a Famous BMX bike professional, placed 6th in the world famous X-games sponsered by ESPN, but while qualifying for the event he managed to hurt his wrist and was not able to be in the event. He has been in alot of X-games for the last 10 years or more. He is the youngest son of my Brother who lives in Alabama. When Seth and his brother were young, my brother made a hugh wooden ramp that curled on both ends, like the pros use to do tricks. Most of the boys in their small town practically lived at their farm doing their tricks and stunts on that ramp. Thats where Seth learned to do his Bike tricks and was discovered at a young age. He has traveled all over the world doing events on his bike and is sponsered by Hoffman bikes. He is a grown into a very sweet young man and I got to see him and his new wife this past Christmas. He also had a Heavy Metal Christian Rock band that was famous for several years too, Mortal Treason.
I am at work and can't post a link to some of his famous bike stunts that are all over youtube. But type in Seth Kimbrough in google and it will take you to his videos,,he is amazing and I am so proud of him, even if he didn't get to be in the finals.
I hope every has a great week-end! I will be posting tomorrow.


Mary Timme said...

I like the real joy and pride you have in your nephew's (is that right, I think so!) accomplishments. What a testamony for his friends and others, too! I love good news like this. Well, mostly good news, as the wrist wasn't good! But it will heal.

JessInFocus said...

I can't deny being a country girl!

Sorry about Seth. I know you all were looking forward to him being at the games. I couldn't stop watching his vids. I really like the one with the old footage when he was little back in his small town playing on the homemade ramp.

Rosa said...

I didn't know that's what a katydid was! Sorry to hear about your nephew. That's horrible to go so far. There's always next year. How ya holding out gf? xo

jet1960 said...

Your nephew is a cutie! Sorry to hear about his accident. I saw a bit of that competition on TV yesterday and wondered how they had the courage to ride like that. It would be beyond me.

Annie said...

Well that's a bummer. I bet he'll be there next year.