Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesdays Wonders!

Its been a while since I have posted. Life has been busy as usual. I have student registration at work and also still trying to squeeze in visits to see my Dad. He will be leaving the hospital today and going to go to the same rehabilitation center that my Mother went to after her back surgery.
He is really weak from the heart surgery and needs some help getting some of his muscles in his legs to start working. Good thing is the rehab is in the same town that we live in and we won't have to drive so far to see him.
Last night I went out and took some pictures of the yard and all my flowers. The picture above is of one of my Moonflowers that are blooming on my arch in the new flower bed that Daniel made for me this year. It smells heavenly! And here are few more pictures of the yard.
Here is the new flower bed with the arch covered in Moonflower vines.
And the swing in front of the bed is a favorite place for Carlita the kitty to hang at.
Another pretty view of the flower bed.
Above is a picture of our favorite place to hang. The deck gets the best breeze on a hot summer night. We sit up there and listen to the pond and relax after a long stressful day.
This is one of the wagon wheels that we have at the end of our driveway. I planted some of my Orange cosmos there. I think they look so pretty with the wheel.

Last night while we were hanging on the deck I spotted this visitor hanging out on one of my plants. I think he was having dinner on it too.

He's kind of scary looking but what really scared me was when I got up closer to take his picture he jumped on me,,YIKES! I squealed pretty good on that one. He didn't like being the subject of my nature photography is all I can guess. Ok,,,now, please tell me what kind of bug this is?
If you guess it right then you will win a prize. I will send him to you in a special package,,,NO,,,just kidding but you will recieve a handmade made necklace that I have been working on when I have some spare time. If I get several correct answers then I will draw a name from the correct answers. Or I could find him and see if he would mind drawing a name!
Hope everyone had a great week-end and also having a great week. Stay cool!


Janet said...

Your yard looks so pretty, and that moonflower picture is just gorgeous!

I'm sure that deck gets a lot of use. It looks like such a peaceful place to relax, daydream, or visit with someone special. I hope you spend hours out deserve it.

I'm glad your dad will be close by. That makes a big difference.

Darn! I have no idea what kind of bug that is, and I so wanted you to send him to me! JOKING!! I am not fond of bugs and especially ones that jump on me.

JessInFocus said...

I know what that is! It is ugly! LOL No really it is a "true" Katydid. I've seen them at my house too.

Lovely yard! Your flowers are coming in nicely and the swing is great! Looks like Kitty loves it!

Saber's ribbon is actually red hearts. :)

jet1960 said...

Bethie, your flower beds are beautiful! And as I've said before I love your deck.

I knew the answer, too. It's a katydid. But you can keep him.

Mary Timme said...

I think it is a green jumping bug! I know, it is so obvious.

Seriously, though, your moon flowers are so pretty! I'm enjoying the morning glories and see that already some of the mum are setting on blooms.

Flower said...

Love the pictures...of your yard, flowers and amazing moon flowers!
Katydid's are more animal looking than bug. They look into your eyes like they know you. They are too big to least for me.

Rosa said...

Everything looks so pretty. so happy to hear you were able to go out and enjoy it some. Yuk. That thing is scary!

Jeanie said...

Hi, Beth -- this is my first shot at a computer and the comment is for all your posts -- so glad your dad came through his surgery well. I know it'll be a road back, but he sounds like he's in good hands.

Your garden is to die for!!!

More later soon!

Cat said...

Congrats on your dad landing so close.

The garden is a delight and the bug is cute, but I'm clueless about it's name.

robinbird said...

the new garden is looking so lovely! i can smell that moon flower....i put it on my list for next years seed purchase :) i'm glad to hear you dad is moving out of the hospital.

Shopgirl said...

All I know for sure is that it is very ugly. I did not know what it was called...I would have named it something...I love to name everything. My Grandmother would have called it a there is a name to forget. And if you see one, it is probably a Katdid. Love your garden...If I hear a woman screaming should I get out my camera or my boot?
Hugs, Mary

Annie said...

I am not a fan of bugs but this unusual looking praying mantis-like creature is fascinating. It looks like a walking leaf.