Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prayers and Thought requested!!!!

This is my dear Step-father but who has been my Father for almost 25 years. My real Father passed away 21 years ago. On Tuesday afternoon we had to rush him to the hospital by ambulance. He has brittle diabetes and takes several shots of insulin a day.
We thought he had a stomach virus and had gotten dehydrated and it made his blood sugars soar to a very high number. He was a very sick man.
They admitted him to the hospital to get him hydrated and to get his blood sugar under control.
I spent the night with my Mom who because of her health problems cannot stay alone. We recieved a phone call at 12:30 tuesday night that he had been put in Intensive Care.
His blood work started showing that he had a Heart Attack. Needless to say we didn't sleep much after that call. When we got to the hospital at 6 yesterday morning to visit him we got to talk to his Cardiologist. We were then given more bad news. It seems his kidney function has dropped to very low 15% and that he might also be bleeding somewhere as his blood count and blood pressure was very low. The cardiologist didn't want to do a artilligram because they would have to put him on dialysis in order to do it. It seems he had the heart attack sometime Monday night. He never experienced any pain because diabetics often never have pain with heart attacks.
He has been alert and talking when we go in to see him. By late yesterday afternoon when we went in he seem quite a bit better.
My youngest Step-brother came in late last night from Georgia. I sure was glad to see him! He will be staying several days to see what all is going to take place.

Mom is taking this very hard but is keeping her chin up. They have a very strong Love and we are keeping positive thoughts for his recovery. Just asking for others to keep him and us in your thoughts and prayers. I will keep updating as news comes in.
Thanks to all!


JessInFocus said...

Beth, I hate to hear that. Seems like if it isn't one thing its another. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. (((hugs)))

Jeanie said...

Oh, Beth, you've had a year haven't you? My thoughts, prayers and hugs are with you now -- I wish I was closer so I could do something more tangible. Please keep me in the loop.

Mary Timme said...

Oh Dear, this is not good news, and of course, we'll keep you all in our prayers. Diabetes is such a nasty disease!

Shopgirl said...

Stay strong Dear Friend, this to will pass. I will have prayers for you and your family....
Take care of you, Mary

Annie said...

I'm here, Beth.