Monday, June 02, 2008

Flowers from my other house!

This week-end I had to spend most of it at the old house with the Hubby trying to get it ready to put on the market in the next few weeks. Sunday night we had thunderstorms and nice rain showers all night. It was so fresh and sweet smelling the next morning, so I went out and photographed some of my flowers with the fat raindrops on them.
Below is some of my day Lilys.

A close up shot of a ornamental onion.
A old shovel in a bed of speariment and lemon balm.
Then a walk down the path by my shrub roses that are blooming like crazy right now.

Of course a muddy little Brat Terrier had to get in the photo,,she is such a ham!
Next we go out to where the pond was at and we have my beautiful clematis that is awesome this year.(of course it is since I don't live there now)

I Love the seed pods that are left on the vine after the clematis blooms.
This is one of my pretty pink roses.
And it has a little visitor that took shelter during the rains the night before.
Next I spied this guy hiding out in the ivy and ferns. He is a Box Turtle. And how do I know its a "he" ? Well just keep on reading.
Can you see him down in the lush greenery?
Ok, now we get a little x-rated. After spotting Mister Turtle I stopped taking photos and went inside to paint on the dining room. After a while I came back outside to take a short break. I went back out to the pond and sat on the bench and then I looked over at the flowers and saw Mister Turtle and he was uh,,,well,,,you can see what he was doing below.
I was totally shocked and had to run in and get Daniel to see this uh, romantic rendezvous. Daniel was awestruck too. We both had to stand there and gawk,,and the happy couple didn't seem to mind. Is that not a look of determination in his little beady red eye? And where is the Mrs. Turtle? Ummmm,,I don't think she was in to it as much as he was. Doesn't that just figure? Ha!

I just was so amazed by this "sunday in the pond" affair that was going on that I just had to take numerous pictures of it. Daniel and I had never had the fortune to see mating turtles. Mister Turtle was pretty aggressive. I had to come home and read about how box turtles mate because it was a very National Geographical moment in my life.
I hope every one had a great week-end and are enjoying the sweet summer time. I know Mister Turtle was !!! Ha Ha!


JessInFocus said...

How dare you walk in on Mr and Mrs Turtle! :)

Your flowers look great! See ya tomorrow!

Obe's said...

Love the flower pictures I really do but the turtle pics are special!

Jeanie said...

TOTALLY stunning! Those rain drops are exquisite on those lilies.

As for the Turtle Family, I didn't know this was a porno blog! That's a wonderful shot -- those really are terrific photos.

PEA said...

Well you peeping tom you!!! hehe I can understand how amazing it must have been to see those turtles you say, it's not something you see every day! lol That is just too awesome!!

Oh I so love all your shrub roses, how gorgeous they all are. I planted 5 rose shrubs in my faerie garden so I do hope they will do well in there. Not sure if they'll bloom this year though. Your Daylilies are gorgeous too...mine are just now forming a bud so it will be another couple of weeks before they bloom yet.

Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures with us:-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

stunning flowers!

Silverdale flowers

jet1960 said...

zqtxjBethie, your flower pictures are awesome, but you need to have a parental guidance label at the beginning of your post, lol!

Once when the girls were young and they saw 2 cats enjoying each other's company, shall we say, like your turtles, they asked,"Mommy, what are they doing?" to which I replied, "well, they are just making friends!" :)
Which was not a lie! That is a family joke now.

Annie said...

The garden is sure blooming. The one image looks like it has a little fairy headstone right in the middle of it. And, well, call me shameless, but I loved being a peeping tom right along with you. LOL

Flower said...

Hi Beth, Nice to have you stop by!! I enjoy finding new people and others finding me!
The turtle's are toooo funny! What are the chances of finding them in that position?
Your flowers are beautiful...haven't seen one I didn't like!
I was just looking at a collage book a few minutes ago. I go to a watercolor class each week and we are starting to explore other mediums. I've made one collage and have the supplies for many more! I have a particular fondness for the tags....your's are great!! There is so many wonderful things to do and not enough time!!
My best to your mom!!
I'll talk again soon!!

Cat said...

Wow, way cool!

robinbird said...

i love your reference to "a national geographic moment" :) your blossoms are so numerous and in full swing! i am trailing waaaaay behind here in our climate. the ornamental onin photos is great and i could almost smell that sweet pink rose. a great peek into Beth's Wilderness Park :)
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

Shopgirl said...

Mister Turtle was having to much fun! Just a little peek! I love all your spring! I have had to change my URL so clic on this comment (shopgirl)to find me.
Big Hugs, Mary

CattyCat said...

I got to see mateing Doves right out my front door this spring. Those moments are so rare and special. Unfortunately if I'd moved to get my camera they'd have flown away. So I just watched, like you did. Rare occassion for sure. Great photos though Beth.

Love the garage sale pics too and your mom looks wonderful and happy.