Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another digital collage.

This is another digital collage that I did the other morning when I was up at 3 a.m. I Love the look in the girl's eyes. She looks like how I feel today which is melancholy.
I am just kind of down today. So much has been going on in my life lately. A little good and some not so good. But thats the way life is I guess. Mostly I miss having friends who I can see more regularly and talk to more often. When I was younger I had alot of friends but then marriage and babies and all that good stuff,well then friends lose touch.
For the past several years I lived next door to one of my bestfriends, then she moved away and then I moved away, but we still see each other at least once a month and she is going to come spend the night with me next monday night so that will be fun.

I have met alot of new friends while blogging. I do enjoy that. I have also met some friends by doing my arts and in being in groups.
I know this is just a temporary stage that I am in right now. So for now I will just take it a day at a time. I have learned through the tough time I have had this past year is the friend that has been there the most for me is my Higher Power whom I talk to all the time. I know I would have not made it if he hadn't been by myside through Mom's operations and other issues I have had to deal with lately. He brings me peace when I talk to him . Happiness and peace is what I strive for most in my life.
I hope every one has a wonderful Thursday,,tomorrow is TGIF time for me, that will make me feel better too!


JessInFocus said...

Unfortunatley sometimes people fade in and out of our lives. It helps to have god there to talk to. :)

jet1960 said...

I know kind of how you feel Beth. Through all the life changing things that have happened in the last few years, for the most part I've not let myself feel down too much or even cry that much. Maybe afraid I'll not stop? But lately I've been feeling melancholy or displaced is more like how I would describe it. I think it's that the patterns of life have shifted and I haven't figured out where I fit into them and then when I think I'm getting back into the groove, they shift again. Does that make any sense?

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and if you need a email friend to "talk to" please feel free.


Shopgirl said...

There was a time when I would not have been happy unless there was a event or people coming over daily.
I had to go through the hard stuff of life to realize that my own company is really good. It was hard keeping all those plates in the air, but I thought that was who I was. I had to be on the phone or I felt lost if no one was visiting. I have three kids and then they were grown up...
I think there was a little bit of PollyAnna in me, I had to smile all the time, and be glad. When infact I was lonely. I was lonely for me. So relax, you have been going through alot, you are feeling will pass, just do things that you like life happens, and sometimes it hurts.
Your, Mary
I just spilled all over you...see we all have baggage/Sorry!

Artsy Etc. said...

Cheer up. We love ya. How nice that your friend is coming. Have lots of fun. I really like the collage.


Rosa said...

Hang in there Beth. I know this is a tough time for you. I'm so sorry. But it will get better. xoxo

Jeanie said...

I just wrote a long comment on this and blogger timed out! Gone, and I knew I should have copied, but alas...

First, you hang in there... Your year has been an inordinately stressful one, with your mom's health, a new job, moving and dealing with the old house. I lived that year about 18 years ago and it was terrible -- and of course, everyone was leaving and moving. It was a lonely, challenging time. But it is finite, even though it doesn't seem so at the time. Let yourself "be" -- it'll be OK. I always say -- and have it posted in various places -- fully expect the universe to cooperate. sooner or later, it does.

The collage is beautiful. Just lovely.

robinbird said...

dear beth, i just selected a random day to read from your posts since i have not been over to see you recently. and i am so glad i ended up on this one. it spoke to me as i was just sitting here crying a little bit feeling blue and being a worrier...which i am sooo good at ...that is a lovely collage and the way she is behind a mist is a little like what you were describing your feelings of loneliness. you referred to the need to take things one day at a time and the importance of knowing you have your higher power to turn to always. no matter what. that is a good reminder for me. i do forget to ask for the help i need. i hope you enjoyed your friend :) i will read ahead and see what you did together :)

robinbird said...

p.s. i was just saying to my husband that what i most want in all the world is to feel free of useless worry. to be at peace. it was kind of like a simple revelation at the moment i said it. i don't need any more money or a better house of more free time. none of it is necessary if i have peace in my heart. everything would be so much easier.

boy oh boy can i go on and on or what??
it just all came pouring out! thanks for listening!

jane augenstein said...

LOVE the picture!!! Very beautiful!