Friday, June 27, 2008


Yes, its always my favorite day of the week!!!! Rain is in the forecast for us this week-end and I am happy because we need it! They hubby said I could take a break from working on the other house and I am thrilled. He felt like my ankle needs to heal a little more and that I also needed to be around to help out my parents. Poor guy went down there yesterday and plans on working on it till Sunday. Next week I am having a realtor meet with us at the house and tell us what absolutely needs to be finished and what doesn't. Its looking really good now and I just don't want to sink more $ in if we aren't going to get it back in the sale of the house. I hoping it will be listed soon.
I plan on spending some time outside in my gardens this week-end too. I want to take some pictures of my flowers. I went to Lowes yesterday and hit the half-price racks. I Love those racks because the flowers look so pitifully neglected but not yet dead. I snatch them up and take them home and pamper them and plant them. I can almost see a smile from them when they settle in and start growing. Kind of like neglected animals or anything thats neglected, give them some TLC and they bloom and repay you with beauty or happiness.
There was a terrible news story that came out of the county next to ours this week. They busted a lady who was running a puppy mill and had 700 dogs, some in very deplorable conditions, also some who were not living any more. I just hate to see these stories. It makes me sick at my stomach. They are asking for donations to help the volunteers and Humane Society workers who have arrived from all across the country to help these poor dogs and get them placed in much better shelters or loving homes. I am going get some dog food and old blankets for them. It truly breaks my heart because animals, children, and the elderly are all so inocent and I cannot stand to hear stories of harm and neglect being inflicted to the inocent ones.
Ok,,thats my rant for today.
If you like the cute picture at the beginning of my post, I found it at this blog.
I hope every one has a wonderful friday and a excellent week-end!!!!


Janet said...

It's good to know you'll be resting your ankle in the garden!! But at least you don't have to stand on it. I like to recue plants, too. All they usually need is some food and water and they perk right up.

I totally agree with you about kids, pets and the elderly. It's so sad that we still have these problems.

Rosa said...

OMG, I LOVE that elephant! Tooo sweet! Yes, that woman should be locked away--in her own filth. Stay off that foot! xo

Rinkly Rimes said...

From Rinkly Rimes
Thanks for your comment on my Blog. At last I have a bit of spare time to comment on comments. I want to hark back to one of your earlier Blogs, in which you've displayed old greeting cards. I have one, somewhere, sent by my Dad to my Mum in 1914. I'll look it out for your collection. I was also interested in your photos of New York. I have a very good friend (also of English extraction) who lives there. We visited her once. We keep hoping she'll come out here to see how the other half lives!!!
Brenda Bryant

jet1960 said...

Don't be doing too much! I used to like to look for the good deals on the flowers, but lately I've not planted much. Bought some mums like that once and those poor little plants took off and came back year after year, until my dh went crazy with roundup one spring!

That's so sad about the doggies! How terrible!

Naturegirl said...

Hello Beth it has been some time and here you have one of my favorite animals sniffing your blossom! I won't read that puppy mill story because it saddens me like you would not believe! People who run those
prisons should be tortured and then shot! I have no use for their kind on
my earth!!
Beth what have I missed with your ankle! I sure hope you are recovering fromwhat ever it was! I am too from my fracture in December.
Rest relax and think of beauty while you heal! hugs NG

Annie said...

Hi Beth. Wow, the elephant is a hoot. The pups at the site you noted were fun too. Speaking of pups, thank God the puppy mills was shut down. I DO NOT GET people like that. A big mill was shut down not too far from where my sister lives in Texas. She adopted a little Yorkie who had spent all of her life in a cage being bred. She was totally unsocialized. Marcia had her worked cut out for herself but six months later, little Bella is a very happy little girl.

robinbird said...

i can hardly stand reading about that puppy mill. it is incomprehensible to me. the elephant is adorable :) i have to go and look at her site. i am a sucker for that sort of thing, moving parts and all. like smilies that talk or wave big gloved hands :)
i have to go backwards on your posts like anna to see what happened with your ankle but i hope it gets better soon! and i will be back in a little while to look at your fantastic blooms you posted today! i am off to the gym for a much needed workout. thank you for coming to see me this morning beth :) that twitter thing is pretty cool!