Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sunny pictures for a better mood!!!

Yesterday was a very sunshiny day, at least after the morning storms passed on through. I came home from work and spent the rest of the afternoon in my yard enjoying the sunshine!
Here are some pictures that I took of my yard and animals.

I have also been walking on my treadmill and doing some strenght training. That helps my spirits alot! Today was another rainy day. But after excercising this afternoon I went over to Moms. She had a better day today and was in her art room when I got over there. We made some greeting cards and had a wonderful afternoon together. I just have to remember she will have good days and bad days until she recovers from this major surgery. I really do Love her good days, they help to get my through her not so good days. Tomorrow is suppose to be another pretty day too. Sometimes we need the rain in order to appreciate the sunshine even more. That applys to alot of my travels in life right now. Bad days to appreciate the good days even more.
Much Love to my Blogger buds for helping me get through the rainy days.


Artsy Etc. said...

Love the sunny photos! Isn't spring wonderful. So glad you and Lottie had a good time making cards. You share a wonderful talent. HUGS!!!

Rosa said...

I'm home and so happy to hear your mom had a good day! That's such good news. Can't wait to catch up with ya! xoxo

CattyCat said...

Who is that adorable tortois shell colored kitty? What a sweetie. I don't remember seeing it before. Cute cute. I just posted a bunch of spring time on my blog too. I'm going to tell your mom she might want to go look. It might really lift her spirits. Flowers are designed to do that. Love your pictures and glad to hear the weather is subsiding. You've def had your share this winter.

Jeanie said...

What a happy post, my friend! I'm glad it's a sunnier day for you in multiple ways! I love your forsythia -- that would perk me up, too!

Adoring your kitty and dog and lovely plants! Perfect!

Hugs to Lottie!

Janet said...

Good to see you enjoying your yard and a sunny day. All those rainy days do make us appreciate the sunny ones when they finally show up.

I hope as your mom continues her recovery that she has less and less pain.