Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunny Tags for a Cloudy Day and gloomy mood!

This is the front and back of a tag that I made for a "color tag swap" in one of my groups. I had to make 10 of them. I chose to make yellow tags and I am glad I did. I really need alot of yellow and cheery things in my life right now.
I haven't been doing very much art at all lately. Things are just so sad for me right now and I cannot keep my mind on much at all. I try to be creative and I have made a few little things here and there just trying to ease my stress and my sadness. I guess the best way to really escape my issues right now is for me to read. I have been doing alot of that lately when I have the time, mainly at bedtime. I stopped friday afternoon and bought several art magazines and a couple of books and the new Birds and Blooms magazine, also a little magazine of "The gardener's Farmer Almanac. "
I guess the reason I am not posting so much lately is because I am pretty down in the dumps and most of my posts would sound whinny and pitiful. I am trying hard to keep my spirits up and to keep on keeping on. There are just so many things happenning right now that tend to keep me upset. Biggest one is my Mom's deteriorating health. She is still in constant pain and cries so much with the pain. Its killing me to see her this way. I worry that she will never be the same again and wish that she had never had that surgery.
Then there are other problems too, worrying about selling my other house in a market that seems to be in the worse shape ever. Worries about my children too. The combination of it all is wearing me down.
But I am survivior and will keep on keeping on. Life has got to get better, right?
Again, I am sorry for my bleak posts. But it does help to at least write about it and get it out of my system.


Shop girl said...

Dear Beth, Thank you for coming to my blog. I wish also that there was a way to know all their stories.
I understand your fears for your Mom,and for yourself. This is your Mom, it is okay to be worried, and feeling down. I have been where you are with first my Father, and then my Mother. It was hard to wake one day and find that the strongest Man I ever knew was fading. The Mom that took care of me now needs me, she was so frail. This was the Mom who always had all the answers, the care giver of her family.
So find the yellow in your life and hang on. Hugs, Mary
The tags are really sweet.

JessInFocus said...

I am sorry you and your family are having a hard time. (((sending prayers your way)))

Jeanie said...

Hi, Beth -- I've been worrying and worrying about you. It sure sounds like a terribly hard time. I know that caregivers really have some challenges -- especially when they work full time and have a life. And, even more so when they really love the person who is hurting.

More later via email -- hopefully tomorrow. But just know that everyday I am thinking of you and sending the best entergy in my life your way. (PS -- great tags -- I haven't had time to join any swaps lately either. But soon.)