Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Purses and Totes

I have a purse that I just love and I have been carrying it all winter. Its big and soft and I can carry alot in it it. But I want something springy looking. I have looked every where trying to find one that I like that is similiar to my big, black one. Well I have alot of material that I haven't used in a while so I thought I would make one when I get a chance(ha). So I was surfing for some instructions and came across this site from HGTV. 55 Handbags and purses. Some pretty amazing ones on there too. This one is made from Duct Tape.

Isn't it so cute? But I don't know if I would have the patience to use duct tape as I have problems just trying to tape a box with the stuff. Anywhoo,,,take a gander at the site. It also has some cute totes that I thought would make great grocery bags. Since today is Earth Day I am going to try to use clothe bags instead of plastic. I hope every one is having a great and sunny spring day!


Jeanie said...

Unbelievable! Very cool and fun! I'm so glad you are making time for yourself to create what with the rest of your life in a zillion places! This says "spring!" to me!

JessInFocus said...

I can't imagine making a purse (or anything for that matter) out of duct tape! The recycled purses did give me some ideas though. clothes to purse isn't as big of a leap as tape to purse. :) Thanks for sharing. See you tomorrow.

Rosa said...

Hey gf! That bag would NOT carry all my junk! So glad you're up and about. Miss you. xo

Janet said...

Thanks for that link. I've been thinking about making some grocery totes so maybe I'll find the perfect pattern. That duct tape purse is something else!! I doubt I'd have the patience to make one either.