Thursday, April 03, 2008

FRIENDS award from Janet!

I got a wonderful award today from my dear blogger bud Janet from the Lavender Loft! It made me so happy, thank you Sweet Janet. A great day to recieve a award as it has been so stormy and rainy today. And we are under a Flood watch for tomorrow as more is suppose to hit us. I know we needed the rain because of our drought this past summer, but we just don't need it all at once.

Alot of friends asked about my sweet Kitty's picture on my last post. She is my Fur baby and a very pretty cat at that. I have posted pics of her before but she is very shy so its hard to get her pic sometimes. I told several friends that my brother has a tortie too. He told me 99% of tortie's are female. Very rare to see a male tortie. Here's a few more pics of my babie.

How about these pretty peepers?
Kitty was abandoned down the road from us. (why would some one want to get rid of something this beautiful?) She was pregnant so I guess that was the reason. She had 3 kittens, 2 solid black and 1 white and black. They went to good homes and Kitty was spaded.

Can you see the other black one hiding in the background?
My silly daughters gave Kitty the name Carl,,I call her Carlotta sometimes, but mainly she is Kitty.
She has been a great Cat and a real snuggle bug and she knows that our dog, Lady is the boss, they get along really good together.
Well thats it for now. Thanks again, Janet, for that sweet award.
Hope everyone had a great day!!!!


Sandra Evertson said...

What little angels, the kitties are beautiful!
Sandra Evertson

Jeanie said...

Congratulations on your award -- great kitty pix! I sure think she's a lovely!

Keep dry -- I'll keep my fingers crossed that the flooding leaves you well alone!

Shop girl said...

I Love her, she is beautiful. And her babies are so cute. It is so hard to let the babies go. Kitty found a wonderful home, smarty Kitty.
We have Baxter, I just had to stop and let him out. He loves to sleep all day in the comfort of soft places, and then play around with all the Barn friends he has invided to stay. He is the boss of both our Beagles, they step aside when he walks buy, and on other times LB and Baxter are sleeping together. I watched Oprah today and found tears running down my cheek. It was about places that have dog & Cats mills, it was hard to believe.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Shop girl said...

Beth, i continue to pray for your Mothers good health. Hugs, Mary

Mary Timme said...

Almost all kittens are beautiful, but your sweet mama kitty and Miss Auntie Em Kitty Girl have those lovely bronze eyes. I could stare into them all day if she would let me.

Congrats also! You and Janet are both sweeties.

Rosa said...

What a sweet award from Janet. Oh and the baby kitties!!! Love them. Hey, what about this weather, eh? Love it too! xo