Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some pretty postcard ART!

These are some Great Postcards that I recieved from a trade in my fave yahoo group. I Love them! I haven't been doing many trades,,just a few here and there. Not alot of creating going on here either. Not alot of blogging either.
Life has been pretty busy lately and nothing really exciting going on. When its nice outside when I get home from work, then thats where I am at. Also visiting Mom and working on the other house that we are putting up for sale next month.
Mom is still hurting alot, good days are few and far between. Doctors say its just going to take time.
I am having some major allergy problems this week. Pollen is really high with the cherry, oak, and pine trees putting out alot of it.
So, my posts may not be so frequent in the next few months. But I will be visiting all my friends blogs and saying hi.
Hope everyone is having a great week-end!!!
Hugs to you all!!!


Tammy said...

I love the Fairy taking a music break to talk to the is really cute!

Hope your Mama recovers quicker than they think!

Have a bright and happy day! ☼

Shop girl said...

I really do like the Fairy with the Dragon, they are all pretty..thank you for sharing.
I continue to pray for your Mom, I know she has far to go before everything will feel right again.
Also, My sinuses are out of control, I don't feel well at all.
Lets get well! Hugs, Mary

AnnieElf said...

Hi Beth, Your allergy comment reminded me that our trip last week to GC was really hard on Kris and Don, allergy-wise. Amazing how some people can go to new areas, new elevations and sail through it. They were so congested and icky. I sailed through it. Thank you, God.