Sunday, March 09, 2008

Waking up to a Winter Wonderland!!!

This is what we woke up to on Saturday morning! We had a late snow storm come in on friday night. It was so pretty. And very cold.

And yes this is yours truly with a snow shovel in her hand. Did shovel the whole driveway. Uh, nope, no way. About a hour after this picture, the snow storm was gone and the sun popped out and melted the driveways and roads very nicely. Thats the thing about March snows in the south. Here today and gone tomorrow. But we really enjoyed the pleasant surprise and the opportunity to take some great pics.
My daughter came out on friday afternoon and spent the week-end with me. We made it to the rehab to see her Granny before the snow started on friday. Mom was tickled to see her and Kalyn was glad to see her too.
After the snow melted off the roads on saturday afternoon, Kalyn and I took a little trip to our local park, Montgomery Bell, and took some great snow pictures. It was still really cold and windy but we braved the elements in order to have a fun afternoon and I really enjoyed being with her.
This is a beautiful, old Presbyterian Church that was built in the park in 1810. The next picture is the sign that tells about it.
They open the doors during the day and you can go inside. Its so pretty inside with a old piano and awesome stained glass windows.
Thats Kalyn at the pulpit ready for a sermon. And a little Brat terrier inside there with us too.

Kalyn is playing a little tune on the piano.
This is a replica of a cabin that it is next door to the church where Samuel King, the minister who founded the church lived. You can actually look through screens into the rooms which has the old furniture inside. The pictures didn't come out though, all you could see were the screens.
Behind the Church and the cabin is a little stream with a bridge over it and it looked so pretty with the snow on it.
And pretty Kalyn on the bridge! "Oh Baby, its cold out here!"
Montgomery Bell park is a National Park and covers several hundred acres. There is a Inn, cabins, campground, a church camp, and 3 lakes that you can fish and swim in. My parents would go all the time when they were dating to swim at one lake. And we went as children growing up and I took my kids when they were young too. We went to one of the lakes that has a resevoir on it and took a few more pictures.

Don't I look lovely? I have 2 layers of clothes on as it was COLD!!! We sure had a fun afternoon! And I loved having my Baby Girl to spend the day with. She loves the snow and we always have fun playing in it and making memories.
Sunday turned out to be a wonderful spring day. We woke up to a chilly morning but it got up to the 50s by the afternoon and just a few patches of snow in the shade. I took Kalyn home and then spent the afternoon with Mom. She is doing alot better and its looking like she may get to come this week. YAY!!! Sorry about the long post but it took me several days to post so I squeezed in alot!! Thanks for sharing our fun week-end with me! I hope everyone is doing well and also that you had a great week-end too!



JessInFocus said...

Wonderful pictures. Glad you and Kalyn had a great time! Even with it getting to 50 yesterday we still have some snow on our deck! Luckily most of the snow in the yard is gone since we had so much fun messing it up. LOL. Too bad it is Monday! See you some time this week...

Artsy Etc. said...

Brr. Spring WILL come. Nice photos and thanks for the tour, Beth. Have a great day. Give Lottie a hug for me.

Shop girl said...

The pictures are a reminder that we could get snow. Thank you for taking me along on your adventure..
I am trying to catch up....Life has a way of happening while you are busy doing other things.
Big Hugs, Mary

Deb said...

Beth! HAve been trying to get in touch with you but have no email addy for you. Regarding the art deck project we began in creative journeys... if interested, please email me @
and I will send you the letter sent out to other members. Deb Lewis

PEA said...

Well I sure wish our snow would melt as fast as yours did! lol We've had snow for the last 4 months and still have tons of it so Spring seems a far way off yet. Sigh. It sure does look pretty when it's fresh fallen snow, though:-) I so enjoyed seeing the pictures you took at Montgomery Bell park...that church and cabin are the exact kind of places I just love to visit! Anything with history like that interests me so much. How wonderful to have a daughter to share such days with:-) Also glad to hear that your mom is improving every day!! xoxox

Rosa said...

I love all you pictures! What a fun trip. I'll have to take the kid out there, looks like fun. The snow was great, wasn't it! We did the normal sledding and stuff then poof, it was gone! I could have stood it for another day, at least. So glad to hear your mom is coming home soon. That's good progress. xoxo

Janet said...

Brrr! Beautiful pictures but it sure looks cold. That looks like a pretty park. I like visiting old buildings and can imagine what the cabin is like inside.

It's so nice you got to spend the weekend with your daughter. Just that alone would have been good but you got snow, and went someplace fun, too. Glad to hear your mom is doing so much better.

Bimbimbie said...

Your little terrier looks very chic in it's snow coat *!*

Jeanie said...

This really is awfully pretty considering it is snow! I love the one of Brat hopping up and down in the snow! That's great! And all the landmarks -- the church and cabin. It certainly is lovely. And I'm ever so glad it came your way instead of ours this time! Be careful out there and love to Lottie, too!

Thanks for voting to Let Rick Ride!

CattyCat said...

Oh yea baby! Now I know I live in California. We are wearing sleeveless t shirts and shorts out here already. Love it! The snow is beautiful, but I'm loving our Cali sun for sure.

Pink Magnolia said...

Those poor March flowers! I hope they perked back up for ya'll!

Thanks for the trip to your park...that is a beautiful old church!!

Cat said...

What fun! Lady is soooo cute!

I like the old church shot. I think old churches are so cool. My hubby and I got married in an old log church in the Grand Tetons - it was beautiful!

Yes, the good thing about Spring storms is they don't stay around long! We are having mixed up weather right now... warm, cold, warm, cold... and I just want to ride my motorcycle!