Thursday, March 20, 2008

Springy things!

The pictures above are some of my Robins that hang out in our yard. These were made during our last little snow storm. I Love Robins and they make me think of my dear friend Rosie. She saw my Robins the last time she came over for a visit and she Loves Robins too!

Below is a picture of a necklace that I made for another friend of mine. I love the colors as they are so springy. She really liked recieving it too.

So today is my last day of work for the week. I am off tomorrow for Good Friday. Its suppose to be really pretty too. Highs in the 70s. I know I will be outside playing in the dirt. I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring day. Today is the first day of spring! Yay!!!


JessInFocus said...

Thanks Beth! Love the necklace and the robins. Enjoy your Easter weekend! See you next week.

Janet said...

Those robins are so cute. They are a sure sign that spring is arriving. I hope you're able to get out and enjoy your yard this weekend.

That is such a pretty necklace you made. Who wouldn't love it! The colors are so soft and spring-y.

Rosa said...

my sweet, dear, fat robins. yes! i love them. they remind me of home. and to see my first pair at your house make them that much more special. glad you are off tomorrow. happy first day of spring, bff! loveya! ps the new necklace is lovely, of course!

Jeanie said...

Lovely necklace -- is that one of the ones with tiles? Or did you use dominoes? Very pretty.

Sure do love the robins -- wish I'd see mine, but they'll be here soon!

jet1960 said...

You do a great job taking photos! Very good pic of the fat little robin! Hope you enjoy your long weekend! Give Ms.Lottie a hug for me!


Cat said...

Terrific colors in that necklace! Yes they are Springy!

Great Robin shots too!

We were 47 today but heading South to where it will be in the 70's for the weekend! Yahoo.

Got some Dramamine for Annie! (She says woof woof to Lady)

Have a Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Beth...that necklace is stunning. Wow! Happy Easter and Montana sends hugs and kisses.

Mary Timme said...

I think I'll go back and take the quiz and find out if I'm still a lily I think it was. The Robins looks so bright against the brown grass and the snow. That is what our lawns were like this morning.

What a beautiful necklace Beth! I know she will love it!

AnnieElf said...

Sweet necklace and I LOVE the robin. We have a few around here but they do not seem so bright and bold.