Sunday, February 24, 2008

A yummy Hot Fudge Sundae on Sunday!!!!

Yes, thats my favorite Lady, and she is enjoying a well deserved Hot Fudge Sundae today. I stopped by the Dairy Queen today on the way to the rehab and bought her a treat. She loves Ice Cream and had no problem digging right into that baby. Bless her heart! She is still having so much pain in her legs and having alot of problems with her bladder too. But doesn't she look good?
Today she was pretty discouraged about still being in so much pain. They didn't do alot with her this week-end but told her to be prepared because tomorrow and the rest of the week she was going to be VERY busy. She is going longer between pain meds now and is more like herself.
This is her room and all of the wonderful cards that every one has sent to her.

And this is the banner they put up in her room for her birthday on friday and how they decorated her door.

There was also balloons by the door too but didn't get them in the picture. While I was there, our dear, sweet friend, Maryellen called her to talk to her. She has been so sweet to call her and Mom really enjoys it and it perks her up alot.

Also, Sweetie Rosemary called her yesterday and told her she would be out to visit her this week. She is really looking forward to that too. She has received so many cards and ATCs from so many of her wonderful Art friends. Her room looks like she has been there for weeks instead of just 3 days. I cannot tell everyone how very much it has meant to us for all the prayers and positive thougths that have been pouring in for her. Please keep it up, as she has a long way to go in her recovery. I think she is really worried that the pain isn't going to go away and she breaks down and cries thinking she might have to live in this horrible pain for the rest of her life. I have told her its just going to take time as she isn't a Spring Chick any more and as we get older it takes longer to heal.
I know she is missing home and my dad and her sweet doggy, Sassy. But I think she will make progress once they really start the PT with her.

I just wanted to post tonight and tell every one Thanks and to please keep on keeping with the out pouring of Love. I know it has gotten us this far and I know it will get us even farther.
You all are so wonderful. I hope every one had a great week-end!!!


CattyCat said...

She looks excellent. I am so glad to have this image in my head now rather than the one I did have. Her room is so cheerful. The woman is blessed with so much care and love directed at her. Looking forward to her progress.

Tammy said...

Your Mama looks so good!!
So proud for her and you
I really like that card bouquet...neat idea!!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Jeanie said...

Beth, she looks terrific! What a great post, and what a relief to see a good post after all you have both been through. What a joy her room is with all the cards and banners! She can add another in a day or two -- I posted a get-well card with a birthday tag inside for her!

I'm very happy for you both. I know -- it's a long ways to go. But this is so much better than before. And I have to be sure the pain -- or the liion's share -- will pass.

Janet said...

Thanks for giving us an update on your mom. She looks good....and so does that hot fudge sundae!! She seems to be getting lots of attention and love and that's so important. I'm so happy for both of you. I know it hasn't been easy but hopefully things will be better from now on.

Mary Timme said...

Oh how great to see you mother looking so good. I'm glad she has such wonderful support and visitors. Being home is always the best.

Rosa said...

Lottie looks so good! So glad to even see her sitting up! Yay. I am so happy. Yep, gonna visit her either tomorrow or Wednesday. Now that you tell me bad weather is coming tomorrow, maybe I'll make one of my famous pound cakes for her and the nurses to enjoy. Ya think she would like that? Does she like lemon? xoxo

Cat said...

Yes she looks great! Give her a great big hug for me. I am so happy that she is doing well. The pain will get less and less I'm sure.

Hi to Lady from Annie too.

Shop girl said...

Mom looks so cute, she is loving that ice cream sunday...yummmm!
I am so glad to know she is doing well, all these thoughts and prayers count. She will be ready for spring...a new begaining..
Big Hugs for you both, Mary
All those cards...great!