Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Clean up from last weeks storms with more headed our way today.

Yes, its me, the Yard warrior. Saturday turned out to be a pretty nice day. Mom and I got up early and hit the half price sale at the Goodwill store and also went to a few other stores. After we got home I headed outside to work on cleaning up all the branches that fell during our storms last week.
Daniel snapped some photos of me on clean up duty.

We are suppose to have some more very severe storms headed here later this afternoon and tonight. Our high temp today is suppose to be in the 70s and a strong cold front headed here to clash with these warm temps, not good. Looks like I will be out collecting more branches next week-end.
I hope everyone is doing well in Bloggersville.


Janet said...

I hope you're doing ok. I know there were some very bad storms today, even a tornado or two.

You look cute in your headband!! Stay safe.

Jeanie said...

Yard warrior looks great! I hope you're OK -- I heard about storms in Tennessee but don't know WHERE in TN. Take care!

CattyCat said...

Are you OK Beth. I can't find a map of the tornado's path, but I know it hit Jackson, TN. Lety us hear you and yours are OK and that nature did not wreak havoc on you, let alone those wonderful homes you've put so much effort into. I'm holding my breath to hear you are OK

Cat said...

Hey Beth - you better be safe!!!

Rosa said...

Mine will sit where they fell. lol. You look so cute. Hope you're hanging in there Beth. Big hugs.

Shop girl said...

Thinking of you and praying that you are safe. My sister lives in Kansas so I am always worried about their storms becoming dangerous.
Love the pictures, Mary