Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not quite Spring yet!

So its not spring here yet. Late yesterday afternoon and last night we got a little coating of the white stuff. So you know I had to go out and take a few pics. Below is the Little Brat terrier in her Pinky Tuscadero Sweater. She is saying hello to Mommy's penguin.

I had to have that Penguin. And it was half priced at Lowes after Christmas. It is a white-washed color with a little baby in safe keeping. I Just LOVE PENGUINS! Ever since I watched "March of the Penguins" and "Happy Feet" they are some of my favorite birdys!
Don't those flakes look so pretty?
Of course, Miz Kitty Carl, doesn't quite like that cold white stuff. She would much rather sit in her Mom's craft room window and enjoy the snow in the warm comfort of home.
I Love those big pretty eyes looking out at me.
So, as typical of the south, we got a light dusting which was enough to cause some black ice, which was enough to close down all of middle and eastern Tennessee schools. I still have to work on snow days now that I am a 12 month employee. But my driveway and road was pretty icy so I off course went ahead and took the day off. I don't drive on ice,,not worth it.
I really enjoyed the day. I got alot done around the house and of course I got in a Artsy mood. I finished up Daniel's sisters birthday card.

She is a cat lover too. I also made a card for his Mom and made both of them necklaces which I forgot to take pictures of. Lori's is a cat necklace and Flowers for his Mom. Last sunday I worked on some St. Paddy ATCs for a swap that I am in. Here are pictures of them.

I also made a cute little ATC magnet for the hostess(below)
I am also in a "Things with Wings" ATC swap. I made 3 of the ATCs below for this swap.
I made a extra card for Mom too. She is a birdy lover too.
Speaking of Mom. She is doing a little better each and every day. She is still having some bladder issues and had to have a catherer put in night before last as she was not empty her bladder and was having some spasms(ouch,,painful). But all in all she is making alot of improvement. Today I cooked some Barbque chicken breasts, mac n cheese, and spinach and took that to her for dinner tonight. The food at the rehab is so-so,,sometimes its good some times not, and her appetite isn't the best yet. I am sure its from all the meds she takes and lasting effects of anthesia. When I was leaving tonight she told me to please bring her watercolor pencils and some stamped images to her tomorrow afternoon. She said they have "hobby" time during PT. Alot of the women quilt and I guess the men play cards or games. She wanted to do some coloring on some Easter pictures for some up coming ATC swaps she plans on joining when she gets to come home. That just made my day!!! My Art partner is getting better!!! So I went straight over to her house and got all of her supplys together so my Dad could take them to her in the morning. God is Good!!! He is definetly listening to all of the prayers that are being sent to him for her recovery. Thanks to all my wonderful Friends here, words can't express how much you all mean to me. I hope every one is having a wonderful and Artful week.


ginabee said...

Hi. I am cattycat's friend, ginabee. I love your ATC's, flowers, altered books, animals.
I have a question about altered books. What glue do you use for pasting on art pieces. I used Mod Podge, not happy.
Also, I have an ETSY store where I sell handmade jewelry.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Beth,
"THANK YOU" so much for dropping by. I do hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back again soon. You are always Welcome at my place. I love your place here. I have just recently gotten into the Vintage look. So many of my blogging friends already had the Vintage look and it really inspired me to do the same. You are quite an Artist. I love the cards you made. They are so beautiful. You do a great job on them. I don't know much about what kind of surgery your Mother had, but I will keep her in my prayers. It does sound like she is improving tho. Hospital and Rehab Foods are never that great. I'm glad you took your Mom some Home cooked food. I think that will help her alot as well. I see you live in Kingston Springs. I think I have been thru there a couple of times with my hubby out on the road before. It sure rings a bell with me. Take care my friend and have a great day. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the Snow you received. Those are some big flakes I must say. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Hummingbird Chats said...

Hello, I just love all your St. Patrick Day cards, they are so pretty. You do wonderful work. Katie

Jeanie said...

I'm so very happy for you! I'm glad your mom is doing better (asking for art supplies is indeed a good sign!). And I'm glad you have found time to create again -- your cards are absolutely gorgeous and makes me wish I was in the StP swap with you! Your sister-in-law is a lucky woman! By the way, your baby Brat is dear in his ensemble with his penguin buddy. Sounds like life is good for you -- I'm glad, you deserve it my friend!

Tammy said...

We are to get "more" snow tonight...good news though warmer temps next week...YIPEE!!

Your ATCs are so pretty and "green" is my favorite color of the moment!! I think I need to fill my house with green in winter as the white stuff can get a little much!!

So glad to hear your dear Mama is showing improvements and is interested in crafting again, that has to be a positive sign!

Much love, and hope you have a warm and happy evening!!

PEA said...

Beth!!! Guess what?? Your little package arrived today and OMIGOSH, how I love the necklace and birdie magnet!! Thank you SO MUCH! You do such beautiful work and please know that I will treasure both the necklace and magnet...big smiles on my face:-)

I can see why you just had to have that penguin! hehe I love stuff like that too, especially when it's on sale! lol Your doggy and kitty are so precious. My mom would like to get herself a cat this Spring so it will be fun helping her choose one:-)

If you want more snow, I'll send you some! lol We have tons of it and it's in no hurry to leave...with the frigid temps we've been getting, it will be here for a while yet. Sigh!

Love the ATCs you made, they're truly beautiful! I want to get back into making some, been a while since I've made any. How wonderful that your mom wanted her art supplies...shows she's definitely starting to get better:-)

Thank you again for my prizes!! xoxo

AnnieElf said...

Oh look at all the snow. Love the Brat Terrier. Your Irish ATC's are grand.

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

The mere fact she wanted her art supplies is such a good sign! Art heals too so between that and PT and your love......well she'll soon be home and on the mend! I am so happy to know each day is better.
Sending you and her lots of love and hugs,

Shop girl said...

I am a hair and brown eyes...I love to tell stories.
It was sweet to see all that green!
Top of the eving to ya!

Rosa said...

hehe, as I told you, I have been by several time but have forgotten to leave a comment. Getting old Bethy B! Your doggy is sooo cute in his sweater! And I love your penguin! Now, we are having balmy weather, so you better put a couple of ice cubes under him! Can't wait to see you ahd your mom tomorrow! Yahoo!

Cat said...

All your pictures are great, but you know which one I'm lovin'.

Yes, of course - that "brat terrier" Lady. She looks so vibrant like Blue used to! Miss Annie is the MOST MELLOW Jack ever!

Hugs to you and "MOM".