Thursday, February 21, 2008

Early morning worrys!!!

My beautiful Mom in her young and carefree years!!!

I woke up at 3:00 this morning with a heavy heart and alot of worrys. My dear Moms surgery went well but she is not out of the woods yet. She is still having alot of pain her legs and they are having to keep her on quite of bit of pain meds. The doctor's assistant has been trying for the past 2 days to get her placed in a rehabilitation center when she has to leave the hospital today. So far the insurance company is balking about it. Its seems that even if you did just have back surgery at 79 years old, have Parkinsons disease, and a pacemaker and can't even barely walk, you still don't qualify for rehabilitation services.
My parents have great insurance too. But of course Medicaid has to be your Primary Insurance when your this age, and the good insurance is secondary.
I just don't know what is going to happen if we can't get her into the rehab today. They have a bed ready for her, just waiting on the insurance approval.
Mom can't hardly get up and walk. They have tried to cut back on her meds, but then she starts hurting again. She is staying so medicated that she is just sleeping constantly. I have tried talking to her, telling her to fight that pain as much as she can, but when your 79 and just had your back cut open, its hard to fight it.
If the rehab doesn't take her, then it looks as if they may can get her in a Nursing home. I really don't want that even if it is short term because Nursing Home staff are extremely overwhelmed, and would they be able to work with her and give her the Physical Therapy that a rehab could give her? I think not. I am afraid they would let her sleep most of the time too.
So this is where we are at right now. And to top it off we have freezing rain moving in this morning which could cause problems for me to even get back to Nashville and pick her up to take her to a rehab(if that happens) or home. My heart and mind is extremely troubled. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers today. They truly have helped so far and I do know the power of prayers espiecally from my wonderful friends here in Bloggersville.

My dearest friend Rosie has the sweetest post on her blog for me and Mom, and a great picture she took of us last month when we had our fun day out.
Thanks to all for being here for us. And I will keep every one posted!!!


Janet said...

I'm so sad to hear your mom is having so much pain, and that you're having so many problems. You will, of course, stay in my thoughts. Once again "officials" seem to be making medical decisions about people's lives! When will this craziness end?

Jeanie said...

My heart and prayers are going out to you Beth, and of course to Lottie. Don't get me started on insurance, medicaid and health care -- my fingers and toes are crossed for good fortune to occur today.

AnnieElf said...

My heart knows so well where your heart is right now, Beth. Lottie's trials are stirring up sad and terrible memories of my own mom's sufferings. Sometimes, Beth, God just asks an awful lot of us. I'm praying for Lottie to get the care she needs and SOON.

CattyCat said...

Beth: I'm right there with you and Lottie in heart, soul and mind. When the dust settles and you know where she will be let me know so I can send her flowers. I want so bad to bring some beauty to her. I hope the pain is just from tissue swelling and will subside as she heals from the surgery.

I just did a nice prayer for both of you.

JessInFocus said...

Medicaid is so awfull! I am so sorry to hear this about your mother. Sending prayers your way....

Tammy said...

I know you have to be so worried and the weather just adds to the stress!

Praying for the whole situation!!

Shop girl said...

This is so hard...I know what it means to have a parent in this awful insurance thing. I found screaming in my head because it is so unfair. Your Mother was and is very beautiful, I know your hurting and I will continue to keep you both in my prayers. My son is in Indiana on a business trip and they are having ice rain, I don't know if or when he will fly out. He was supposed to leave tomorrow...Be safe Beth, Hugs Mary