Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday's art

I haven't posted all this week. I have been working on alot of swaps that I am in. Trying to get them finished before I head back to work next Thursday. Above are some vintage ATCs that I have been making. The last two of the the little girls were made with transparencies that I stamped on.
Its been so terribly hot here this week and no rain except some late afternoon pop up showers and they haven't been popping at my house. I have been watering the flowers every day but they just dont' look so good. Nothing can replace rain water.
I hope every one is doing good and staying cool.
I do want to remember the people in Minnasota who lost their lives on the the horrible collaspe of the bridge yesterday. I always have a fear of that when I am stuck on a bridge in traffic. That would be a horrifying nightmare to go down with a bridge. My thoughts are with them all.


Mary Timme said...

Cool stuff, Beth! Wow! I'm having lunch with a friend on Monday who is starting back on Tues. for 'staffings,' which I've never quite understood what they are but I know they have them a lot. How can it be that time already?

Wanda said...

Hi Beth, I'm still trying to catch up reading posts after my trip to see the grandkids. Love the bathing beauties. Makes me feel all the pictures of girls in swim suits, they all look like thay weigh 98 lbs.
Nice post...will try to get to your previous ones soon.

vicci said... already ???? ! Gosh Girl! where does time go!!??? I have been so busy and not doing much'm trying to catch up...I love the art! and you! XXOO

AnnieElf said...

Hard to think that summer is almost over. School starts here in four weeks and I'm already buried in work. It's only going to get worse.

I join with you in prayer for the victims and families in Minnesota. Bridges and highway underpasses make me cringe but they are a way of life in California.

CattyCat said...

Sorry to hear you have to head back to work, it has gone by all to fast. WOW! Way tooooooooo fast. Myself all I do is indulge in the freedom to create. I have a ton up for swap on my blog if you want to get in on it. I know you'll slow down once back to work, but for you there would be no rush.

Rosa said...

Bethy, these are so beautiful. Gee, I want to cry. School so soon??? Whaaaaa!