Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday's art

Just had to show that I have been doing some art even though I am back at work again. The pieces above are Mosaic 4 x 4 s that I am doing for a swap. I went with the black and white theme. They didn't scan that good and I think its because of the plastic eye that kept the lid from shutting completely on my scanner. But they were fun to make and easy too.
The next 2 pieces are 4 x 4s that I have recieved lately from some swaps. The piece below is a mosaic one too and it is from a girl that lives in Prussia on a boat, wouldn't that be a blast. I have seen her website but I don't have it saved. I will look for it later and post a link to it.
I Love the Autumn theme that she used and the papers are awesome too, she even weaved the red and brown square and they are only 1 inch squares, bet that was fun. The next 4x4 is a swap I did on time and this is one I recieved back. I forgot to scan the ones I made,,duh.
I like this one alot too! Well we are still in the midst of the heat wave. Its has been cooler this week-end with the highs only 100,,burrrrrr. Its clouding up some and little pop up showers have been popping up,,just not popping at my house yet,,darn it. We have had 13 deaths in our state since the heat wave. On friday a student in one of our schools in Nashville, got sick from the heat and had to be taken off in a ambulance. Of course that made the news. That night I got a recording from the schools saying that on monday the students will only go a half a day because of the heat. Some of the buildings are having real problems with air conditioners going out,,like in my office and other parts of our building. So the students get to go home but not us Adults,,,we all have to stay and just suffer through it.
So far I haven't been released from my position to leave and go to my new school and position. I am getting pretty pissed about it too. They still haven't posted the openning on the website and they have known about it since Tuesday. The man that is over my position at the school board has been bugging them to let me go on to my job. I think its a power struggle and I am the one that is getting hurt because if I am not there I don't get the increase in pay. I hate games espiecally when it hurts my purse.
Well enough whining,,I hope every one has had a wonderful week-end. If your in the south with me,,then stay cool, and if your someone who has rain,,,then PLEASE send some our way and cooler temps too!!!


Rosa said...

Your work is great!! Well, I got the group all stirred up, din't I! Lordy Miss Bethy, I'm about to go crazy and they haven't even STARTED yet!! I need to find a spot to work but I have no idea where. I was thinking of putting my stuff downstairs at mom's but she'd probably throw it all away thinking it was trash. giggle. I'm thinking maybe one weekend, I can meet you and your mom and do a little work together??? I hope Jane isn't mad at me. Gonna keep it up and get kicked out! Lordy. Anyhoo, what is the deal with the school! Ya want me to go down there and kick some Nashvul butt? hehe. I sure hope it is soon and you can be at a nice school with a/c. OMG. I would die, just die! You drink lots of fluids now, ya hear? loveya!

Janet said...

Your black and white collages are great. I love the contrasts when only those (non)colors are used.

I'm sorry you're still stuck at your old school. I've been sending you good thoughts about moving on to the new job so hopefully it will happen before too much longer. That heat is not good for anyone!

I wish I could send you some rain but I've forgotten what rain is!!

vicci said...

Yippe!!!! I am soooo HAPPY you got your new position Sweetie! I have been taking a break from the puter...but had to catch up on some of my favorites today! I love ya! and miss ya! XXXOOOOO I am sending cooler temps. your's heating up here this week....ugh!

Mary Timme said...

Sometimes frustration is best taken out in working it out. I like what you've done and are doing and your attitude is great! Somehow it will all work out, but we all hate it when it hurts us in the purse!

CattyCat said...

I'm glad to see you maken art Beth. That is always good for the soul. As for your new job, how much closer to where you live is it? It may be in the words you wrote but I didn't see it and I know that commute was gonna really tax your life. Let me know.

Rosa said...

Bethy, any new news on your move? Are you staying cool? I've been thinking about you in this heat! xo

Rosa said...

Bethy!!! Is it raining there????? Bible rain here! Yahoooo! PTL!