Monday, August 13, 2007

A nice award for a miserable day!!!!

My dear friend Maryellen had this award for me at her site today. I sure do appreciate it, espiecally today. I am back at work now and my office's air conditioner is broke,,out of gas. Now don't that figure since we are in our 3rd straight week of a heatwave. Its only 103 outside today,,and my office feels like its at least 100. I stay in here for a few, then go somewhere and cool off.

But wow,,I can actually blog this year,,,last year there was a filter that wouldn't let me blog or look at blogs,,,hope it stays this way.

Ok,,I am trying to get another position with the schools. As I said on my last post,,I will have to drive a long way when they move my office. And Attendance is getting alot tougher and I dont' feel as safe doing this job any more. The new position that I am trying for is a 12 month position. No more summers off if I get it, but thats ok,,I will get plenty of vacation days and sick days. My pay will go up considerbly too. And more money will go into my pension for retirement. The position is not very difficult ethier and alot closer to home. So If you, my dear friends, will please send some positive rays my way and remember me in your thoughts,,,I sure would appreciate it alot!!! If I don't get it I will keep on trying for other positions until the right one comes along. Oh,,and PLEASE SEND SOME COOL WEATHER my way too,,lol!!!!

Hugs to all my friends,,,and Thanks again for the award, Maryellen!!!!


Janet said...

I've got my fingers crossed that you get the new job. And I'll send good thoughts along, too. I can't do much about the cooler temps though!! Ours are inching back up again.

Congrats on the award!

vicci said...

Bethie...I hope you get the job! I'm saying a little prayer for you Sweets! Love ya! You poor thing suffering in the heat and no air! i know the's awful!

CattyCat said...

Beth: You are more than welcome. With what you do for the young kids, you deserve an award.

Here is hoping, hoping, hoping that you get that job. As for the weather, sorry to hear you are without the a.c. but at least you can go into the next area and cool off. Do you have a spray fan mister. Those things are such a blessing. The ones with the lil battery operated fan and the water sprays through the fan. They can literally save ones life. Drops the body temp rapidly. You can get them at the drug stores/ Target/ those kinds of places for pretty cheap.

Mary Timme said...

Oh, I so hope you do! You sound so tired and hot today! I just hate to think of you having to travel so far! We are hot here, but with very little humidity and drinking water like there was no tomorrow. I'd send you some cool if I could. Congrats on the award! I hope it helps!

Naturegirl said...

Congratulations on your award! Sending positive and best of luck thoughts your way..fingers and toes crossed and I'll hold you in my prayers. Find a fan even one of the hand held ones!! hugs NG

Jeanie said...

Congratulations! You ARE nice! (Three cheers to Maryellen for the award!)

Good luck on a new job -- when I saw the post yesterday about the distance and all I thought that would be really rough. And I know you've had concerns about the security... Good vibes are coming your way!

Hope that now the summer is over, you will still be able to find time for art, but I know how hard it is in heat and humidity. We moan a little here in Michigan but once you sample your part of the world, we're embarrassed for thinking ourselves put out by a bit of humidity and some warm days!

Lisa'Oceandreamer' S. said...

Ah but I always knew you were NICE...well deserved!

I will keep my fingers crossed not only for the AC to be fixed and cooler temps but also that you get the position you want. It sounds perfect!

Rosa said...

Oh Bethy, that would be great. I am saying my prayers for you gf. Heck, we didn't even see each other over the summer break, so I'm rootin' for the $$!!! xo

Rosa said...

duh, congrats on your nice award. I know of no one more deserving. Hugs.