Friday, August 10, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot and back to work blues!!!

Yes it has been a very HOT past week here in Tennessee and no rain in over 2 weeks. I have had some pretty bad luck this past week too. During this heat wave our Central air conditioner decided to die on us. This happenned last saturday when it was 99 degrees. We luckily have a room that we added on to the house that has a window air conditioner. We lived in that room until Monday as the inside of the house was 95 and above. Our Air repair guy came out on sunday and told us the unit was shot and we had to buy a whole new unit. As you can imagine this was a very costly event for us, but there was no way around it, not when the temperature is this ungodly hot. So on Monday we had a new unit installed and was enjoying cold air again by that night. This one has a heat pump on it and should save us money on our electric bill in the winter.
So I went back to work yesterday. We had a inservice day and recieved some very bad news. In about a month to 6 weeks my office will be moved to the other side of Nashville. I live west of Nashville and I will have to drive 4o miles to the east side of Nashville during rush hour traffic. Which means in order for me to get to the office by 8 a.m. I will have to leave by 6 a.m. and I get off at 4 p.m. and if I am lucky I might get home by 6, if there is no rain and no wrecks.
Needless to say, I am very upset and disgusted at this point. Trying hard to rack my brain to figure out how I could quit work and find something better. I just don't see it happenning though. I have worked for the schools for 23 years and hoped to retire from there with a nice fat pension. I have no college degrees so there is no other job that I could take that I would make as much as I do now. Right now I feel as if my luck has really gone sour on me. I keep telling myself that this is just a little bump in the road and maybe I will believe it one day. I do know that I will have very little time to do any art swaps or any art at all. And that really depresses me. Oh well,,thats just the way life goes sometimes.
So thats whats up with me at the present time. I hope to be able to do some blogging and I will try hard to stay in touch with everyone.
Yesterday it got up to 104 here and little cooler today with highs around 99,,hows that for a cool spell,,lol.
I hope everyone is staying cool and hope everyone has a wonderful week-end. Hugs to All!!!


vicci said...

I've been seeing the news about your heat wave awful! and with the humidity it must be terrible! Glad you got a new air-conditioner...that is also a bummer that you must drive so far to work! :-(
Just move here to California! :-)

Janet said...

Oh, Beth! So much to handle all at once. We recently had a new a/c unit installed so I know how that goes, and could it have happened at a worst time? I've been hearing about the weather back there and wondering how you're coping with it.
As for the job, that's terrible! How do they expect people to have a life when it's spent on the road! I've done that....long commute....and it isn't fun. My heart goes out to you.

CattyCat said...

Beth this is indeed a big bump in the road. With gas prices too! Is there no mass transit way you can travel to and from? Or maybe does the school district have a school a bit closer you could transfer to? 40 miles x 2 is lot. I'm so sorry this is happening. I know how you feel stuck. I felt the same way at my job. After a certain age, changing jobs is not really easy unless you are at the very top of the ladder.

Take it easy kiddo. Keep up posted and rant on all you need.

Cat said...

The heat must be unbearable! We've had such a HOT HOT summer here too, I fell over when I got my electric bill yesterday.

I'm sorry to hear of the work location woes! The only time I've ever had a long commute it was thru a mountain road, not city! Shudder... that busy traffic. I hope they change their minds on the move for you!!!!

Blue just tapped my on the leg - I think he's saying hi to Lady.

Mary Timme said...

I can't remember, Blessedly, when heat and humidity were the same. We were all suffering and complaining at 30 and 40% percent humidity! Now, we are back to dry and hot. I can stand 99 or 100 when the humidity is 15%, but I'm so sorry for all of you guys. Bummer about your office moving! Yikes!

AnnieElf said...

I'm so sorry about the change in your works physical location. Changes in life can turn on such seemingly inconsequential decisions (at least for the decision makers anyway). Good luck to you Beth as you work your way to a possible solution.

CattyCat said...

You are the center of attention on my blog. Tee hee!

Lisa'Oceandreamer' S. said...

I truly don't know you were able to cope even a short time with no AC. Isn't that always the way? It goes out during the hottest time, I'm glad you have it now though.
As for the change in your job location I agree commuting in traffic sucks(I've done it), Hopefully you will only have to do it for a very short time (if at all)until something else comes along (within the school).I have high hopes all of this will work out in your favor!!
Stay cool!

Rosa said...

OH Yuk on all accounts!!! Lordy Beth, thank goodness you have that one AC. We did the same at Riverside. The downstairs unit went on the blink so we were all upstairs in my frigid room eating and playing games! There is nothing worse! I sure hope you get the other job. (I'd hug you, but it's just too darn hot!)