Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursdays art!!!

Woke up today to a nice cloudy sky, and a slight chance of rain. Keeping my fingers crossed that we get it. Amazing that just west of us in Texas and mid-west they are getting floods and we haven't seen a drop in over 2 weeks. My flowers need rain, the old hose pipe chlorinated water just doesn't work as well.

I work outside most of the afternoon, had to yank up the pansies(saved a few to press). By this time of year they dying back. I replaced them with some favorites, periwinkles. I was up by the road yesterday playing with a sprinkler and this guy stopped in his truck. I am thinking he is going to ask directions, instead he told me what a beautiful yard I have and that is always looks great. Well that makes all the hard work worth it. When a stranger stops and says such nice compiments.

Today I am staying in and doing a little much needed house work,,then its in my art room the rest of the day. Tomorrow my son and I are going to go canoeing together, should be a fun time.

I am leaving you with some ART. The pic above is the cover to a deco that I made. In one of my groups we are doing tip-ins for decos. Which means you send 4 people the pages and the theme for your deco and they make pages for you and send them back. My theme is "By the sea".

The pages below are by my good friend Colleen.

Next 2 pages are from my dear, sweet mother, Lottie!!

The next 2 pages are by another friend, Sherrill.

Like I said, some wonder art for my deco. Doesn't it make you want to go to the beach? I hope every one has a excellent Thursday!!!


Cindy Dean said...

Beth I love your ATC's. Very Cute. You asked me about what soldering iron I use and it is the inland with the temp control built in. You can find it at Delphi Glass online. Not as expensive as a weller. I really like it. Thanks for checking out my blog!


Sheila said...

These ATC's are lovely Beth, the vintage bathing belles are beautiful.
They had a little more meat on their bones in those days and I identify with that....LOL

You commented on the book on my blog, it should be available from Amazon, but I picked my copy up at Chapters for $4.00...!

Sacred Suzie said...

That is so great he stopped by to compliment your garden! I've been working on mine as well and it's a lot of work so when people notice it fills you will pride. Way to go!

AnnieElf said...

All terrific but the blue bathing beauty in front of the lighthouse is my favorite.

Rosa said...

These are wonderful Beth! Love them! Wish you were here! xo

Mary Timme said...

Oh, it makes me want to use art deco on everything! That is what it does. I just finished my first month of the BJP! I can't possibly do two things now! Art Deco is going to have to wait. But it is a lovely art expression isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Beth...i love the beach theme, one of my favorites. We only live minutes from the beach which is great. Your atc's are wonderful and i love all the images you used :o)