Tuesday, May 22, 2007

3 more days!!!

Just wanted to say Hi to my friends. Thursday is my last work day for the summer and I can't wait. I will be posting every day after that. The picture above is of my Finch's taking a bath.
Hope every one is doing good. More later this week!!
Hugs to all!!!


vicci said...

I can't wait!!!! Only 3 more days!!!!! Call me!!!! I've been busy Sweets...re-doing some outdoor patio furniture! :-) I always think about you! love ya!

Janet said...

Super-dooper, fantasti-co!! I have missed you so much....it will be great to have you back. Big (((hugs)))

Mary Timme said...

Finally the end of school is here! Seems everyone is getting out early this year. The whole summer Beth! Whoopie!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I wanted to stop and say I was thinking of you. I haven't commented in a while it seems and for that I apologize. Trying to keep up sometimes..well you know how it is!
I know you are going to be SO happy once school is out and you have more art and play time!!!
Great bird pics!!!

Rosa said...

ONE MORE DAY!!!!! ooooohhhhhhweeeeeeeee!! Hugs!

Daisy Lupin said...

HELLO SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Friday now so I am guessing that you have finished and the whole Summer is stretching before you! What plans you will be making, what projects you will have in mind to do, but at the moment that whole empty canvas of Summer is there for the takingxx

Anonymous said...

This pic is gorgeous and today is your last day isn't it :o) So glad you stopped by my blog cuz i didn't have your link but i am going to add it now so i can keep checking up on you.

p.s. Montana knows how to throw kisses now and he is throwing you some so make sure you catch them. Have a great weekend!