Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Yes, its definetly summertime. We are in a drought again. No rain in over 2 weeks. They are saying we might get some by the week-end. I sure hope so as my water bill is going to be ridiculus after having to water every day.

Even though I am now off work, I am running around doing so much right now. I went to my friends over the week-end and that was fun. Then spent most of sunday and monday working in the yard with Daniel Today I picked up my Mom and we went and got my sweet Aunt so she could spend the week with Mom. I left my car at the brake shop to get a brake job,,needed it badly. Tomorrow a few more errands to run. Next week and the week after I will be resting and also packing for our trip to NY to visit our friend Jane.

Here is a little bit of art that I did for a friend's tip in altered book. The pages were made with some pictures she sent of her father. She had a little story about his life so I tried to incorporate pictures with what she told about him. Enjoy!!! And more tomorrow!!!


Sacred Suzie said...

Beautiful artwork! Really stunning as always.

Our drought has also started. They keep saying rain will come but it doesn't. I'm a tad worried, ours is very early this year.

Gemma said...

Love your art.
Az. is in the middle of a multi-year drought....less than 8" of a rain a year here.

Anonymous said...

These pages are so beautifully collaged. Your friend will love them.