Friday, May 25, 2007

Summertime, and I am free!!!

Ahhhhh,,,it sure feels great knowing I am free for the summer. I LOVE Sweet summertime. Yes , yesterday was my last day. It was bittersweet because my principal is also retiring too. He is the best principal that I have ever worked under.
Also another bitter blow. My other supervisors at the Board have decided that they are going to pull us out of our schools and stick all the Attendance Officers in a building together. They are only into numbers now. They want more petitions being filed in court than what we have been doing. So I guess we will all be crammed together in a building with the bosses standing over us making sure we are pumping out petitions. Because its the numbers that count,,not the children, or at least thats how I am feeling right now.
Needless to say I am very unhappy about this whole scenerio. I Love the school that I am out. I have been there 2 years and its a really great school, and I have made some wonderful friends there. But thats the way our system works. Try it a mere 2 years and not give it a chance to work, then shake it all up again. Its assine!!!
So I have to sit all summer wondering what my future will be like in August. I am just going to try to forget it and have fun, but the thought will still be in the back of my mind.
Last night was a real blast! We had our end of the year Karoake party for the faculty and staff. We have it a swimming and tennis club that is close to the school. Everyone gets to loosen up and have fun after a long, hard year. I wasn't brave enough to Karoake,,but it was so fun to see everyone else up there being crazy. Alot of them had a few drinks and they were singing away and dancing. It was just a real fun time.
This afternoon I am going to go see my close friend who use to live next door to me for so many years. She lives several cities away from me now so I will spend the night and we will stay up late talking and laughing. I will be back tomorrow and have more to post then.
I am leaving this post with a final dedication to my fave principal ,,,Burro Bob!!! This is a pic of him when he dressed up for our Homecoming this past school year. We are going to miss you, Burro Bob, you are the Greatest Burro Leader!!!!


vicci said...

YIPPEEEEE! You are FREE!!!! Now if I can only figure out a way to get you out here to California for a vacation (at my house)!!!!! Don't worry about the job Sweetie...just enjoy your summer...things will work out! The whole KEY to setting up one of those pools to make SURE the ground is level! I love ya! :-)

Mary Timme said...

What will come, will come. And it won't stay this way or what you think it might be forever either. Burro Bob looks like a good guy! I'm glad you aren't going to be at the same school without him. For now, its summer time! Have fun!

Cat said...

Happy Summer Beth! You lucky girl! Sounds like a fun party too!

Next year will come in it's own time and it's own problems will work out then! Dare I ask what petitions are?!? Utah has been going the bouts of trying to get vouchers for private schools - and what a heartfelt battle for both sides! I made the choice to send my 2 boys to a private school for 6 years because one was being teased and bullied so horribly at the public school. It was a very expensive move and I was a single mom at the time - I'm glad those days are past!

Schools out for summer! I have one son left in school - 12th grade next year! He's in public now and wasn't the one who was bullied, but the private school was so very terrific for him too, the public school teachers all tell me what a good kid he is.

Enough of this, sorry!

Have fun! And HI to Lady!

Rosa said...

Bethy! It's summatime, no worrying allowed!! Somehow things work out, so just let it go. I wish you were here with us. Just me and the kid. Although I woke up this morning with a sore throat, it's still nice to be away. We're going to be here for another two weeks, hint hint, c'mon down! (After my sickness goes away, of course, don't want to get you sick!) I would love to have some company! xoxo (Probably shoud have just sent you an email in hindsite!) geesh.