Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Break!

Today is the first day of my Fall break this week. And the sun is shining for a change. It turned really cold here this week-end. Daniel and I had to scramble and get all of our house plants inside. We now have a jungle in our basement again. Its not bad as Dan hangs some grow lights and arranges them to where its easy for us to water them and mist them every day. We sure hope to be able to build a greenhouse before next Fall though. It would be nice to have one to start my seeds in too.
The picture above is another Digital Collage that I made this week-end. I must say that the elements that I use in my collages are some that I download off the internet. There are some amazingly generous digital artists out there. I really enjoy making the collages and I am also doing some digital scrapbooking too.
I hosted a Halloween ATC swap this month. I had 15 wonderful artists join up from my ATC group. I swapped them out and sent them out on saturday. But, I scanned them all before I mailed them off. I am going to start posting them every day between now and Halloween. They were all very GOOD!
Yesterday Mom came over to watch the Titans game. Its been a ritual for us to watch it together this year. But oh how awful they have played. Last year we didn't lose a single game this year we haven't won a single game since preseason. And so yesterday they played the New England Patriots in New England. And of course it was snowing like crazy up there. The field was covered with snow and ice. And yes, they slaughtered us. I finally stopped watching it in the second quarter when it was 24-0. And this is what Mom did.

LOL, she got sleepy and cold so I wrapped her up in an afghan and she went sound to sleep.
So the final score of our game was 59-0. It was the largest margin of victory in a NFL game since 1976. Terribly embarrassing. Most every one are saying its time for a new Coach, but I don't know if that will help us or not. Oh well, maybe next year.
I hope every one had a great week-end. And I hope you have a great week ahead.



Shopgirl said...

Mom is so cute....I hope you are having a fun fall. I am ones again trying to catch up. I have been so busy. Happy Fall, Mary

Jeanie said...

Big Gasp at your beautiful collage. It's a stunner. You're lucky with your grow lights -- My stuff dies a fast death!

Will Lottie ever talk to you after putting in her photo?! Hugs!

Cat said...

I just love your digital collage!

Cool on the grow lights - whenever I bring plants in I get fruit flies, but finally found the catch for them... a little dish of wine and dish soap will attract them all!

Your mom had the right idea to sleep thru a disaster game like that!

Have a good weekend and woof woof to Lady Brat.

Cat said...

Your so talented!
Sweet photo of mom!