Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scary Halloween deco- Image intense

Lady, the Brat Terrorist, wants you to come see all of our Halloween Decorations. We are having a costume party tomorrow night for a few of our neighbors. One of my neighbor friends, Michele, let me use a lot of her decorations that they didn't put out this year. So we are looking pretty spooky at our place.

I will do some more decorating tonight and tomorrow night. I am taking a personal day off tomorrow to make some goodies for the party. And I will make a lot of pics of the costumes.
I spent yesterday afternoon just wandering around the yard making pictures. I had a lot of things on my mind. Sad for my friend Rosemary at the loss of her Sweet Mother, and some other issues that have been overloading my brain. So just walking around and taking some pictures of Nature and Decorations helped me to relax.
Here is some of the last of my roses for the season. My son gave me this Rose bush for Mother's day this year and I Love it. Its a "knock-out" Rose. Our roses don't grow that well here in the south but these type of Roses do extremely well.
Lately I have been so into playing with Photoshop Elements. So I have been trying to take pictures of things that I can use as Textures in my collages. Here are some I took yesterday.

Also I did some Macro shots of my Mums to use as textures.

Also some shots of other plants that are still lingering. I Love seed pods. My perennial hibiscuses have an tremendous amount of hugh seed pods on it. Some of the host a home to a insect colony.

And some pretty fuchsia!

I could see a little bit of blue sky trying to pop out of the clouds. I Love the look of this almost bare tree with the clouds and blue behind it. Another texture, I do believe.

And last but not least, one of my favorite Maple trees between mine and my Mom's house. Isn't it gorgeous?
Well, I probably won't post again until Saturday or Sunday and hopefully with a lot of fun pics of my party! I hope every has a great Fall day!


Jeanie said...

How cool is that! (I really love those hibiscus pods -- creepy!) and all you do with cheesecloth! This is fabulous, Ms. B! (I'm sad for Rosemary, too.)

Janet said...

You really went all out on your decorations!! It looks great! I'm sure everyone will have a good time.

And I love all your macro photos and texture-y things. I always think about doing that but never do. Maybe I'll get out the camera and take some shots later today.

Kim's Treasures said...

How can a yard look beautiful and scary at the same time??? LOL! You managed to accomplish just that! Love all your fall photos!

Hey Lady...Emma says HAPPY HALLOWEEN with a wag and a kiss!

Have fun at your party!!!!

Shopgirl said...

this is so neat, and so lovely. You have the Fall and Halloween spirit. Happy everyday,

PEA said...

Oooooh I want to go to your Halloween party!!!!! I absolutely love all the decorations and I was giggling at what was written on the gravestones! hehe I just know that your party will be a huge success and I so look forward to seeing pictures. The perfect finishing touch to your decorations are all those leaves on the ground!

Love your shots of the trees, flowers and textures...beautiful!!

Have a fabulous time at your party and sure wish I could be there:-) Love you! xoxoxox

Cat said...

Just beautiful!

jet1960 said...

You did a great job with the Halloween decorations! Sorry, I'm a little late in catching up to your blog posts. You also got some great shots with your camera. Can't wait to see what you do with them in Photoshop, although they are lovely just as they are.