Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Golden Girls Birthday Celebration

Yes, the Golden Girls celebrated their birthdays. They had a great time. I had to post their pictures of them wearting Tiaras that I made them. Arn't they precious. Thats my Mom on the left, then Aunt Adelaide, and last but not least, Aunt Doll. Below are seperate pictures of that my brother took.

My Aunt Addie, above, is having to move into an Assistant living lodging in 2 weeks. She has lived by herself in a beautiful apartment for the last 14 years. Unfortnately she is almost blind from Macular Degeneration and her children do not want her to live on her on. She doesn't want to live with them as they have tried to get her to move in with them. She had 4 children and 2 of her children have past away already. She had a daughter who died first while in her 50s of a brain tumor and a son who died a few years ago in his 60s of bladder cancer. But she has a very large family with all her grandchildren and great grandchildren and a couple of great, great grandchildren. She is not happy about having to move into Assistant Living. My mother feels that she will not live much longer after she moves there. I hope she is wrong.
I get very tearful when I look at these wonderful, strong women who have been we me all my life. And I know that too soon the day will come when they will disappear from my life, one at a time. But I will always have great memories of them and know that one day I will see them again.


JessInFocus said...

Aww, Beth... It is so hard to see our loved ones age. :(

The photo of the one of all 3 of them is excellent! I love it!


Rosa said...

They are just fabulous golden girls! I hope your aunt will enjoy her new place. Some people just love living in those homes as some can be absolutely invigorating with so much to do for them. I love your pages! xo

jet1960 said...

What beautiful ladies! I hope that I age that well! The tiaras are splendid! Great job and I'm sure it made them really feel special.

faerie enchantment said...

This is wonderful!
Magic and Joy!

LollyChops said...

I am so glad to see these pics! I got your lovely email and you really touched my heart. I was just about cry reading the last bit of your post today - but you are right.. we will see them all again and are so lucky to have wonderful people in our lives (like those three lovely ladies you have there).

HUGS my dear friend.

Cat said...

What great photos!
Keeping her active and engaged with life will be key to keeping her going.

Shopgirl said...

Could they be any cutier...they are little Peaches. Love the hats you make...you made a beautiful memory. Your, Mary

CattyCat said...

Lottie looks so happy with her sisters. Love the hats and the Golden Girl Theme. Great post Beth. Thanks for sharing.