Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another year older!

This was me 47 years ago . Just a little bitty baby in a New Big World. Helpless and clueless and totally dependent on the ones who loved me.
I started this post on Sunday which was my actual birthday. I don't know why I didn't finish it or post it. I just couldn't get in the mood.
I had a nice birthday. I got some cards from Dan and my Mom and my brother and niece gave me cards on saturday. My niece also gave me a sweet framed picture of Samuel. My brother and his wife gave me a cute Gnome for my garden. Mom gave me $ and so did Daniel.
On sunday Mom and I ran out to Michaels and I got a Cuttlebug machine. They had them for 50% off. Mom and I played with it when we got back to my house and its really cool. It embosses paper or you can use die cuts with it.
Daniel cooked us a very good lunch and I made some strawberry short cake for desert.
My kids came out later to see me too.
I just don't know whats up but I just really have the blahs lately. Maybe its cause I am getting older, maybe its winter, maybe its just a lot of things. So, I may not post too much till I get a little more perkier.
I hope every one had a great Valentines week-end and hope you all have a great week!


Janet said...

Awwww! How cute. Sorry you're feeling blue. Birthdays do that sometimes but after you've had as many as I have, you won't worry! I hope you feel perkier soon. I'm sending you some (((hugs)))

Rosa said...

Bethy, I missed your birthday! Oh well. I haven't celebrated mom's yet either and it was yesterday! I'm just a little behind, it seems. I hope your day was as wonderful as you. Let's celebrate later, ok? loveya. xoxo

Shopgirl said...

Your new born picture is wonderful, you were a pretty baby.
Birthdays are great, but on the other hand we tend to count our life by the years instead of the moments that we love. On my 50th Birthday I was awful, wanted to stop the clock. Everyone at worked laught at me...Mary you will never be old, you are forever young because you are young at heart.At the time I could have cared less, but as time has gone by, I am young in my heart and I will never be truly old. You will be wonderful at any age, you have a smile in your heart.
Hugs, Mary

Cat said...

Happy Birthday!

Sorry your not feeling chipper, hopefully you'll post some Cuttlebug art soon.

jet1960 said...

Sweet baby photo! Thanks for the well wishes for my dh's birthday. I just realized that you and he are the same age, born 10 days apart. He just turned 47 on Feb 5th and hey, I'm ahead of both of you, as I'm already 48 and will be 49 this Sept. I've had certain birthdays bother me or I think it's more just times in my life that I let thoughts of the years passing quickly creep in. Then later on, I'd be able to let those feelings go.

I'm glad you enjoyed Rebecca Sower's blog and didn't realize she was from Tennessee! How cool! I do want to get up there sometimes to check out your thrifting spots, esp. that one you mentioned. Mentioned to dh that maybe we could take our camper up that way at some point. Are there any camping sites for RV's near you?

JessInFocus said...

I thought I had commented on this one! Oh well Happy B-day girly!

PEA said...

Happy Belated Birthday, dear Beth! I had left you a card on my Monday post, not sure if you saw it:-) Glad to hear you had a lovely day and had your loved ones around to help you celebrate. I think a lot of us have the Winter blues...we have so much snow here yet and getting more as I type this...ugh! Let's all help cheer each other up:-) xoxo

Jeanie said...

What a sweet little mug! I'm sorry you have the blahs -- your giftie should arrive in a day or so (it went in the post on Monday) so maybe that'll cheer you up a wee bit! Hope so!