Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter fun!

I had a great time yesterday! Jess(Jess in Focus) and I got together to do some winter photography.
We went to a park close to where I use to live. Its right by the river and has a bluff that has a small waterfalls on it. Brrrrrr,,,it was pretty chilly, wind was blowing about 20 mph but we were bundled up and didn't get to cold. It was so much fun and Jess is a GREAT Photographer. She also has an excellent camera. The photo above is one that she made of us with her tripod and timer. We went to several locations in the area and made some really good photos! Here are some more pictures of the Frozen Falls.

We climbed up closer to get some better shots. The next pic is of the frozen water going into the frozen pool underneath the falls.
I had to get a pic of Jess in her Photographer mode!
She really has an eye for great photographs! We have made a promise that we are going to get together one Saturday a month and go to different places to take pictures.
I hope I can learn to take as good of pictures as she does! I felt so good when I got home yesterday. We did a lot of walking and the air was cold, perfect cure for the cabin fever that I have had all week during this cold snap. They are still predicting some snow for us for later tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night. Its not as cold today but another front is headed this way to cool us down again. I would like to see one good snowfall! I will post more pictures tomorrow as I am off for MLK Birthday.
Its been a really nice long week-end for me. Our school system shut down on Friday because of the bitter cold weather. We got down close to Zero Friday morning. That's cold for the South.
I hope every one has a great Sunday!



Rosa said...

How fun! Wow, that's gorgeous!! But man, it was COLD! Sure glad you were bundled up. Beautiful photos Bethy. I'll have to go meet Jess, I don't think I've been to her blog although you've told me about it. Stay warm and I'll keep ya posted on my cold. Maybe it will go away today. I'm going to be with you in spirit today then and get started on my doll too. love yaL! xoxo

LollyChops said...

These pics came out terrific Beth.. and wow does it look cold there!!! brrrrrrr

Mary Timme said...

It looks so cold, but what a great art day the two of you had!!!!!! I know Jess is just a super photog. She blows me away with some of her shots. I'm so glad you two can get together! I love doing art with people.

Cat said...

The ice falls are terrific! Great shots, and looks like fun to get out!

jet1960 said...

Great photography! How "cool"! LOL, pun intended! Looking forward to seeing more photos!

Jeanie said...

Those icicles are fabulous! If you have to get cold, you may as well get good bennies from it! I'll have to stop by Jess and see her version!

PEA said...

How wonderful that you can get together with a friend to go on an adventure once a month and take pictures:-) Such beautiful pictures as well, the falls look awesome all frozen up like that. I'll send you some of our snow if you want, we have tons of it and I really don't want it anymore! lol xoxo

JessInFocus said...

Geez Beth! Laid it on kind of thick huh? :D

I really like the one you took of me with my tripod. I'm glad you didn't feel the need to post the one where my butt looks as big as my car. LOL

I can't wait till next month!

Kim's Treasures said...

Amazing photos! It looks sooo cold!!!