Monday, January 12, 2009

Me at work

So yep,,the 3 days before New Years eve, I was pretty much by myself at work. I just got my new little Fuji camera for Christmas so I whipped that baby out and took some pictures of my office and what all I see there. Ok,,first of all, here is a pic of me sitting at my desk, Ha!

Ok,,this is a really good pose to use if you have a double chin, like I do. My dear friend Jane from NY taught me this pose and it really hides the chin,,lol. I had my coat on because we have those old boiler heaters at the school and it takes it awhile to warm up in the morning, but when it gets going it will melt you in there.
The next picture is of my puny house plants that I brought up there. They sit on one of the tall file cabinets next to the window. They get some sun and the florescent lights but they are not happy. But they will survive till they get to come home to their deck in the spring.

Next picture is of the bulletin board that I made last year. It show pictures of our Graduates that we had in Dec. 07 and May 08. We have 2 graduations each school year. I have to update the board with the new grads that we had this past december.
Its really not as crooked as it looks,,I just didn't crop the picture very well. The next picture is of my desk. Its really old desk as thats about all we have at our school. And it doesn't look very tidy in this picture but oh well,,this is where I spend 40 hours a week.
If you notice my file cabinet on the left side of my desk you will notice my nice collection of my "banana stickers". I always take the stickers off my bananas that I bring to work and stick them on the ugly gray file cabinet. I intend to completely cover it as I am just crazy like that,ha!
Ok,,the next picture is of my "trash to treasure" art work. I found these lovely prints by
Marjolein Bastin in the trash bin at work. They were in perfect condition and I had a big blank wall to the left of my desk so they now reside there in all thier glory and they brighten up my area quite well. Plus, I Love Marjolein Bastin's art too! Who would have thrown those lovely prints out? Oh well, they are safe now.

Now for the views that I see when I look out of the big windows that are behind me and my desk. I have our wonderful flag that is right out of the window that waves mightily in all its glory on windy days.

And the Park that is right across the street from my office. You can even see my "little red" car sitting there.
And then look whats across the street from the park,,oooohhh la la,,,some Thrift stores,,and yep,,I have been in them several times.
And behind the Thrift stores is Interstate 40. And no,,the bright blob in the picture is not the sun,,its my flash bulb on the camera reflecting on the window.
So now you have seen where I spend my days. Its not bad at all. I just hope I don't have to leave this wonderful place. They are looking to cut 11 million dollars out of our school's budget this year. They want to cut 5 % off of our school budget and they are questioning my position there. Not good. But my Principal has told me that he will go down fighting for me as he said the school could not make it without me. I actually do 3 jobs in one. I am their Registar, The Guidance clerk, and I also do all the data entry there too. If I do have to leave this position I am sure they will find another position for me and they will have to pay me what I make now. But, it could be all the way across town and I might have to drive 100 miles or more a day to work and back, I drive 70 now. I also might be extremely unhappy too. So I am praying that I will get to stay were I am at as I am very happy there. I should find something out this week as my Principal is having a meeting with the higher ups to see what they will do for me and my job.
I hope every one had a great Monday! We might or might see some snow tonight but we are definetly going to have some bitterly cold weather coming our way. I am ready for SPRING!!!


Jeanie said...

Hey, Beth - thanks for the look at your workspace. I can envision where those e-mails come from now! But please, don't say your desk is messy. Someday I'll show you a photo of mine and you'll laugh!

CattyCat said...

Thanks for sharing work with us. A thrift store right there. How cool is that? Love the wooden desk.

JessInFocus said...

Your desk is not messy! Would you like to see my laptop bag again?

Miss you!

jet1960 said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Very interesting to see where you work. How cool that you have thrift stores across the street. I would love that!

If any area of my house looked like your desk, I would be very proud of myself!

Good luck with your job. Holly is graduating this year with a teaching degree. They are not sure yet where they will be living. Hopefully it will be somewhere where she can find a job.

Rosa said...

K, have you heard anything???? When is the meeting! I love your spot! And I like the idea of the banana stickers. I love the pic of the flag. And I had to crack up at the first pic. Of course, I thought of Jane right away. I need two hands to cover my chins!! Let me know once you hear something sweety. loveya. PS BURR DOGGY!

Shopgirl said...

hiding a double chin...great idea.
Love all your pictures...The frozen water fall is beautiful.
I love winter pictures...I better,"we get enough winter!" I love the digital things you are doing too. I don't have printshop, but want to get it.

BONNIE K said...

Visiting from Jess' blog. Love the hint for hiding the double chin. I will try it next time someone tries to take a picture!