Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowy day and paper dolls!


Yep,,this is what we woke up to this morning. We were suppose to get a couple inches but it blew by here pretty fast and left us with a dusting. We were lucky as our neighbors to the north of us in Kentucky and west of us in Arkansas got a pretty bad ice storm the past few days.
I will take soft, white snow any day. So, yeah, I stayed home today as I wasn't going to wreck my Little Red on the icy, snowy roads. I have pretty much been on my laptop all day. I am trying to enter all the drawings at blogs from the OWH giveaway. Whew,,there are now over 600 and I have made it to 200 so far. I have till Feb. 3, so maybe I can get most of them covered. There sure is some very amazing Artists out here in Bloggersland. So if you haven't signed up for some of the drawings, then its your own fault,,he he!
So, week-end before last when Mom came over we made some Paper Dolls for a swap we are in at one of our Yahoo groups. In fact, my friend Jane who came to visit in November is hosting it.
So, I am going to post the ones we made. Rosie,,I know your in the swap so you may not want to see them in case you happen to get one of us as a partner. Or you may want to look so you will know what your in for,,ha! So here they are in all their glory.
The first set is Moms. Here is Ms. Patty Pinky!
Next is Ms. Lucky Lottie
And next is my dolls. First is Ms. Bethy BlacknWhite

And then of course we have Ms. Lilly Lucky (Lottie Lucky's twin sis)

Yeah,,I know, they look like they are sad. Or maybe they just felt like Mom and I did when we got through working on them. We pretty much decided that we just were not Paper Doll artists.
I hope every one is doing good, and have a Wonderful Wednesday!


PEA said...

Well I'm so glad to see that the snow I sent you finally arrived. After all, what are friends for, but to share?!! hehe It sure does look pretty, though, doesn't it. We have tons of snow here and it will be here until at least the end of March so a while to go yet before Winter disappears.

I so love the paper dolls you and your mom made, I think both of you did a fabulous job of them.

I've been entering the OWOH giveaways as well and I think I'm near 200 right now...will take me a while to enter them all! lol xoxo

Shopgirl said...

Well, you have been a busy girl, it is so cool that you and your Mom can do things like this together...does anyone say cool now days? The story/Journal about Ruth is taking most of my time...but I enjoy it.
The paper Dolls are really special. It looks like you were having fun. And I would protect that little red car also. We have had alot of ice this year, so many turn overs on the freeway.
Take care of you...and mom, Hugs, Mary

jet1960 said...

Beth, I think ya'll did great on these! They are beautiful! Were they just hard to make? I didn't have time to sign up for that one. Tell you Mom I'm about to get the Valentine cards in the mail. Might be Friday.

I'm jealous of the snow. We didn't get any.

Jeanie said...

These are wonderful! I almost wish I'd signed up for that swap! They're great!

Take care in that snow/ice. Don't want anymore bad stories about rear-ending (rather big in this neck of the woods, but fortunately not me!)

Pinklilac said...

Hi Beth these are beautiful.
Hugs Linda