Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold cold cold

Brrrrrrrr,,we are in the deep freeze zone tonight. Its a balmy 10 degrees outside now. Its suppose to get down to zero by the early morning hours. Thats pretty darn cold for us Southerners. And most of our schools are going to be closed tomorrow. Yep, we close our schools when it gets too cold that our children might get frost bite waiting on the bus. Oh well, I am not complaining cause I am going to take off tomorrow too. That gives me a nice long 4 day week-end. Off Monday for MLK day.

I have been playing around with my Photoshop lately. I sure am getting into digital scrapbooking and doing some digital collages. Here is one that I did of Daniel and I.

And then I did another one tonight that was fun to do. So addicting playing with these brushes and other elements that I have downloaded for free on the net.
Wow,,,wasn't that scary about the Plane that crashed in the Hudson river in NYC today? That Pilot was a real hero because that could have been a major castrophe if it had crashed in the city. I think if that had been me in that plane I seriously doubt I could fly again. Yikes and a flock of birds was the cause of it. I didn't know they could cause a plane's engine to blow up.
Hmmmm, I hope I forget that part the next time I fly some where.
I hope every one is staying warm as its suppose to be pretty chilly for the next few days, at least on the East and Southeast. I am ready for Spring!!!!
Have a great Friday too!


jet1960 said...

Great pages, Beth! You definitely have a talent with digital art! Well, all art for that matter!

Yeah, Baby it's cold outside! I can't even imagine the below zero temps other areas are experiencing! Hope our pipes make it through the night ok. Kerry had every faucet in the house dripping, I think.

JessInFocus said...

Those are great Beth!!!

I am SO ready for spring. If it is going to be cold the least it can do is snow. :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Beth, Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying yours. I've never been through Dickson but I know where it is. Both of us wrote blogs today on how COLD it is... Brrrrrr... Stay warm!!!!

Love your digital art..

Rosa said...

Your pages are amazing!! I love the one of you and hubby. Awwwww. Yes, kinda chilly, eh? And where is the sun today? Snow perhaps???? Yes, even WE were off of school! Yay. OMG, when you told me about the plane, of course my heart sunk cause the hub was leaving from NYC that morning! But he had left about an hour earlier from another NY airport, thank goodness. But he said he had to wait on the runway for FOUR hours! And this was BEFORE the accident! Lordy me. Stay warm! xoxo

Jeanie said...

These are very good, Beth. You really have the knack! I am daunted by Photoshop.

Cold here, too, but we expect it! I was just disappointed that Florida was so cold!