Friday, November 14, 2008


Wow! Its been a whole week since I have posted on my blog. Its really been a busy one too. Last saturday I took my Mom out to her sister's house to spend a couple of nights with them. They don't get together as much as they use too because of their ages and disabilities. Mom will be 80 in February, her oldest sister will be 89 in February, and the middle sister will be 87 in February. All sweethearts born in the same month. This is a picture I took of them.

First is Mom, then the oldest sister, Adelaide, and then Doll, the middle sister. My Aunt Addie is almost completely blind because of macular degeneration. Its so bittersweet to see them in this shape. I know I have posted about them before but they were the most active and strongest women I have ever known. They were always on the go and doing so much together that all of us children knicked named them the "Golden Girls". Below is a picture of them when they were young and their Mom too, my Nanny. My Mom is first, then her Mom, then Aunt Doll and Aunt Addie.
Looks like Mom was getting ready to go out on date as she is really dressed up. They were all very beautiful and still are. Below is picture of them when they went to the Smoky Mountains about 20 years ago.
Mom is first , then Aunt Doll and Aunt Addie and one of their friends that went with them.
They always traveled and had the best of times. So I guess thats why it is bittersweet to see them not able to do as much any more. But they still get together and play cards and just bond together the way sisters do so well.
Today my Mom had to have her pacemaker changed. Her pacemaker was 10 years old and the battery was almost dead on it. I was dreading it and so worried that something would go wrong. But it was such a relief because she did just fine! She only had to stay at the hospital for a half a day.
Next Tuesday, our good friend Jane is flying down to visit us for the week. She lives about a hour north of New York City. Mom and visited to her the summer before last and got to spend a couple of nights and days in NYC and she showed us a great time. This will be the second time she is coming to visit us and we are so excited to see her again. We will do alot of Artsy stuff and we are going to take her to see some great sites in Nashville. I can't wait! But this week-end I will be busy cleaning and preparing for her visit.
I have missed you all this week and have taken a few minutes here and there to visit your blogs and will try to visit them more this week-end too.
Cold weather is coming in her for tonight after having a gloomy and rainy week. They are saying maybe some snow flurries tomorrow night. Winter is here.
I hope every one has a great Week-end!


JessInFocus said...

Geez, Beth! You gotta start posting more than this! Just kidding! I just miss you.

You mom and aunts look great! Looks like you all had a great time.

Don't count on the snow flurries! :) Of course it is pretty nasty outside. Time for chili!

Mary Timme said...

We had some snow this week Jess, our first measurable amount this year which is pretty late for us. But, it is supposed to be back in the 70's or high 60's here in a couple of days. That the Denver area for you. Nice out now, just a tiny bit nippy.

Macular Degenration is hitting my DH also and it is so frustrating for him. The ladies are beautiful! I wish them well. Have a great safe weekend.

Shelley said...

What a fun looking group of ladies. Good times! Hugs ( a new blog up)


Janet said...

Those are great photos of your mom and her sisters. It's nice that they still live close enough to get together now and then.

I hope you're enjoying the weekend. I miss you!

Rosa said...

I love all the pictures of your mom and her sisters. WOW! Look at her all dressed to the nines! WOOOHHOOOOO! I love it. I can't wait for Jane to come too. I will (WILL) get out there at least one day!!

Shopgirl said...

I can almost hear them! I love this post. Can you just see them getting ready to go out, getting dressed and doing up there hair. Kind of like little Women.
Your, Mary

Jeanie said...

What a fab pic of your mom and aunts. Especially the old one, but the new one, too.

Really DO love the new look! Super Wow!

Have fun with Jane. She had me for COTM and it was great!