Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our fun Art Party!!!

I had the best Saturday today that I have had in quite a while. Mom and I hosted a Art Party for Jane's visit. It was a small party with just 5 of us, but we had a blast.
Jane taught us how to make the cutest Mermaid paper dolls. This is Jane with her doll.

Then Mom and her doll.

Rosemary and her cute doll.
Then Charlotte and her great creative Mermaid.
And then me with my Mermaid,,acting a little crazy cause I am having so much fun!

Here is a picture of Jane, Charlotte, Mom and Me with our dolls.

Next, Mom taught us how to make the cutest Christmas ornament by doing "tea folding" with paper.

And I taught every one how to do some Iris paper folding and we made a Christmas Tree card.

And then my Sweet Hubby came in and took a picture of all of us together.
We had some great finger foods and desserts. Charlotte brought some awesome cookies They were made from an old Hawaiian recipe. They were called "Mrs. Hoke's Butter Shortbread Cookies" Mrs. Hoke was Charlotte's Aunt and she made these cookies during the 1950s and took them to the school she worked at and sold them to the students for a nickle. She gave me the recipe and I am going to ask her if she minds if I post it here on my blog.
Rosemary brought some great cupcakes. She went all the way to downtown Nashville to buy them before she arrived today. I was getting worried about her because she was late and I called on her celly. Well, she didn't know that our rival college football teams were playing at Vanderbilt today and she got stuck in the traffic. But I tell you, those cupcakes were definitely worth it. She got a variety of of them and we all had to sample each one. They were heavenly. She got them at

Gigi's and here is a link to all the wonderful cupcakes you can buy there. Here is a picture of a few of them.
I have had a great time while Jane has been here. Mom and I so enjoy being with her. And today was so fun and I laughed so much. It so nice to be with such great friends and do some artsy stuff and enjoy our friendship. Jane will be flying home tomorrow afternoon and I know Mom and I will miss her so much.
I also so enjoyed getting to be with Rosemary as I haven't seen her in several months, she makes me laugh so much and I can act so crazy with her too. I am not going to let months go by before she and I see each other again cause I miss her too much too.
Here are some more pictures of the fun time we had today. I hope every one else had a fun day too.

Thanks for letting me share my fun day!


JessInFocus said...

Looks like you all had a blast! The mermaids and Christmas trees are great. I've heard good things about Gigi's. I finally posted a pic of the building I told you about...

Cat said...

I want to come party with you guys!

Shopgirl said...

You had just to much fun....this is a wonderful share, it made me feel like I should have been there.
I have had to catch up, you have been a busy girl...Big Hugs, Mary

Annie said...

Ah, Beth, you all look so beautiful and happy. It's wonderful to see Charlotte and Lotus in your circle of friendship. Isn't it amazing that Jane goes back and forth between us and C and L may hav left us but they have joined you. What a joy.

PEA said...

Hello dear Beth:-)

I'm finally taking the time to get caught up with everyone!! Oooooh, what a wonderful get together you ladies had, it makes me wish I lived nearer and could be part of your group:-) It must be so much fun to get together and create beautiful art. And omigosh, those cupcakes Rosa brought...yummmmmm! Loved seeing all the pictures:-) xoxo

Shelley said...

wow..what a great time you had. Such cute creations too. Wish I lived closer, I'd join you all. Nice to see Rosie there..she looks so jolly. Great time. Happy Thanksgiving Beth!

Rosa said...

It was so much fun. What a great time Beth. Thank you so much. Christmas art bash??? xoxo