Sunday, November 02, 2008

Friday's Halloween Fun!

We had a fun night on Halloween. We set up a little bonfire in the front yard along with the pumpkins that we carved. Above is our "little pumkin",,yes we are some of those people who dress their furbabies up for special occasions. Here she with her Daddy below. The hood just wasn't cutting it!
And below is the toasty bonfire we had going to keep us warm.
Here is my Hippie Hubby with his Tuxedo shirt on. He is such a goof,,but he's my goof.

I liked the picture below as it turned out spooky looking.

One of our neighbors up the road from us dressed up like Raggedy Ann,,had to get her pic.
This was our last trick or treater. I thought he was pretty scary looking.
We didn't have too many trick or treaters this year. Its sad because I guess parents are worried about their children getting poisoned or hurt now days. I remember only going to places that we knew were safe when my children were little. When I was little you didn't have to worry about sick people doing sick stuff to your candy.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween Week-end!


jet1960 said...

That bonfire picture is spooky! Would make a good background for one of your digital collages. Love the doggie pumpkin! So cute!

Mary Timme said...

Good photos. We didn't have any, but I heard thousands showed up at the church Harvest Festival where they had candy, jumpers, face painting and other entertainment. I think most people go for that sort of thing anymore. It is safer, but not the same fun we used to have.

JessInFocus said...

Very cool, Beth. I like your "little pumpkin"!

When I was a kid we used to go to my friend's house because our road was so busy and the house was so far off the road no one would stop at ours. Anyway, we would go to my friend's house and hide in the bushes or lay on the ground like we were dead and jump up and scare the on coming trick or treaters. It was so much fun!

You are right, Halloween is nothing like it used to be. My brothers' took their kids to the church for "Trunk or Treat" then came to family member's houses. I'm sure it was fun, but nothing like we used to do.

Jeanie said...

Totally fabulous! Love the Brat and you guys were great! We didn't have many goblins, either. Can't figure it out -- gorgeous night. Too many Whoppers leftover!

Janet said...

I know I'm late but you look like you had a good time. Is there anything better than a bonfire on a chilly night?!!

It's finally chilly here. We've even had rain!

Shopgirl said...

Okay...did you dance necked in the moon light?????????
I am so jealous!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.
Big Hugs, Mary

Rosa said...

Love your doggies and hubby! Too cute!!!! Aw, that fire looks scrumptious!!! I know, it is a sick world, unfortunately. Yuk. Miss you!! xo

Cat said...

Little Lady Pumpkin looks like she was having lots of fun! I hope she stayed out of the candy!

Your fire is welcoming, although the little goblins and witches may have been afraid they'd be roasted on the spot.

We had 7 trick-or-treaters, that's it!