Monday, November 17, 2008

Chilly Monday!

It was a chilly week-end and today another cold front is blowing in with another blast of cold air. Its really starting to feel more like Thanksgiving, I can't believe its next week.
I was in a 4 x 4 chunky swap in my yahoo group recently and it was on Family. You had to make the pages about a relative(s). I did a digital page on my Grandfather. He was my mother's father and I never got to meet him. He died when my mother was only 13 years old. If you read the second page which is the back of the chunky pages, it tells all about him.

I also added some embellishments to the pages too but forgot to scan them after they were finished. I enjoy doing digital colleges in Photoshop. Going to incorporate more of them into some of my art trades.
So, I am at work today and tomorrow. Then I will be off the rest of the week when my friend arrives tomorrow night from New York. I can't wait!
I hope every one had a great week-end!


Rosa said...

I love it Beth! I love that photo! And I love the story except his death, of course. Wow. An allergic reaction. I can't wait to see Jane too! Keep me posted! (Floor guys coming in today to tear out the carpet and start the hardwood installation tomorrow.)

Jeanie said...

HOLY COW! This looks fabulous -- when did you do it? Oh, splendid look!

And I love the photo and story about your grandpa. Way cool.

JessInFocus said...

Of course you know I love it! That is just terrible about his allergic reaction thoough. You are so good with the PS brushes!

PEA said...

Oh Beth, you did a fabulous job with that piece of art! Such a wonderful picture to have of your grandpa. What a shame he died of an allergic reaction...these days I'm sure they could have saved him!! xoxo

jet1960 said...

Love your page! So sad about your grandfather's death, though. Hope I get one of your pages. I was in that swap, too.