Thursday, May 22, 2008

My flowers, veggies and fruit!

Yesterday after work I walked around the yard and took pictures of my flowers.

Not sure what the flowers are called above, they were given to me and I brought them up from the old house. The flower below is an impatient.
Then of course the sweet little pansys with their pretty little faces.
Below is a picture of the new flower bed that my dear hub made me for Mother's day. I am slowly but surely filling it up. I am transplanting alot of my precious babys from the old house. I am glad that I can do that as they mean so much to me and its easier on the wallet too.
The flower below is a transplant. Its called a "Red-Hot Poker" plant. Its so unusal. I grew it from seed. Last year it was by the road at the old house and several people would stop on the road and ask me what it was. It will be even prettier next year when it gets use to its new home.

Yes, I actually have some green tomatoes on my pitiful tomatoe plant. I have plans to buy more tomatoes plants.
And below are the beginnings of a cucumber. The pretty little yellow blooms will be delicous cukes by this summer. I have 3 plants as I do love the cukes!
Next is the grape vines. My step dad planted these a few years ago. They make jelly with the grapes but my mind is saying "Wine".

The beginnings of the grapes below.
I also have a apple tree too. Yummy! I am hoping I can make some Apple butter!
Below is a picture looking up at my wonderful deck from the driveway below. Lots of flowers there and my hummer feeders. So far the hummers have been scarce but they will start coming in by June.
The front porch and my new flower bed of impatients that the hub also made for me.

Now Kitty says "Stop in and relax with me and Mom on the deck in the late afternoon spring sunshine!"

Stop in again and maybe we can have some wine, cucumbers, tomatoes and apple butter!!!



Jeanie said...

Your garden plot is AMAZING! Go, Daniel! I'd love to join you for wine, tomatoes and cukes!

It really is lovely, Beth! A lot of work in that space. I'm filled with admiration for your diligence and skill and a wee bit of envy!

Cat said...

That looks great!

Your RHP's look kinda like my mystery pink plants, but different.

PEA said...

I'll be right over! hehe Oh Beth, everything looks so wonderful. You're so lucky to be able to plant all your flowers and veggies's still too cold at nights here so we can't usually plant anything until the very end of May or early June. I bought 5 rose bushes for my faerie garden and will plant those this coming weekend as they are a bit more hardy. Love the flowerbeds that your hubby made for must take a picture again later when your flowers are in full bloom:-) Thank you, dear Beth, for your words of love and concern on my post yesterday, it truly does mean a lot to me. xoxo

Anonymous said...

you have an awesome yard.

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Rosa said...

Beth, your place is gorgeous! What work you have done! Everything is so green and lush. Your green thumb is showing!! Miss you gf. In quite the funk now but hope to get rid of the webs while away. Let's get together like you said for lunch. Don't even remember if I wrote you back at this point. DOY! Sorry if I didn't. xoxo

JessInFocus said...

The new flower bed is lovely and Kitty is as precious as always. I'll be waiting on that wine... :D

robinbird said...

hello beth, i love the garden tour! you have a wonderful new spot there for your flowers. i can so relate to having a partner who knows a good gift is that of sweat and effort on behalf of my gardening obsessions :)
thanks for visiting me!
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

Mary Timme said...

How totally beautiful your yard (s) are. I can't believe you have tomatoes on your plants. Most people here haven't even planted them yet. How cool is that!

JessInFocus said...

Forgot your email (see my description for mine)... Remember that "thing" we talked about earlier? they posted it. Check out the site I beleive it is about the 9th one in the list.

Annie said...

I love all the land around your house. I'm jealous 'cuz Jane was there. I HAVE to come visit.

Cat said...

Your property is beautiful! What a huge piece of land! Lady must love to run there. Annie runs like crazy, and she doesn't dig, neither did Blue. Lucky, huh! Annie can JUMP though and I think with one more brain cell she could jump and scale the 6 foot chain link! I hope she never figures that out.

It was nice to see a comment from you, I haven't been blogging much lately. Hugs, Cat

Naturegirl said...

Lots happening in your garden! Love the flower bed hubby made for you..will look wonderful once you fill it in! Now what a cutie your fur friend is purzzzzzzzzzzzzz!