Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miserable with Poison Ivy rash

The Evil that hides in the flower beds!!! POISON IVY

Its been over a week since I have posted. Life just keeps me busy right now. Work is going strong, trying to get ready for our Graduation next Monday, schools out on Thursday. This is my first time in many years that I will not have the summer off. But I will take some vacation time here and there.
Last friday I took off at noon and went over to Moms and cleaned out her Iris beds. Well, guess what I got for a reward? A nice case of Poison Ivy. I wore gloves, just didn't wear a long sleeve shirt. I am so miserable with it. Mainly on my arms and a few other spots here and there. I took off Monday and went to the doc for a cortisone shot as that is the only thing that will help me get over it. When I was a little "tomboy" ,, I lived in the doctor's office in the summer getting shots for the dreaded Poison. So I am still highly allergic to it.
I hope every one had a great Mother's Day. I know I did. It was espiecally wonderful because I got to spend it with my wonderful Mother and Children. There was a time that I wasn't too sure I would get to be with my Mom this year but prayers were answered.
Mom is doing really good now. She is getting around really good too. Her back doctor told her last week that her fracture was healing. Imagine that, and this was the doctor who was saying she would need to have more surgery to remove all the hardware? She is using her cane now and not using the walker all the time. She goes out and sits in the yard with me while I work on her flower beds. She went to several garden centers last saturday and she has been to Michaels.
Yep,,Mamas Back!
Hope every one is having a great week so far!!!


Jeanie said...

Welcome back, Miss Beth! So sorry to hear about your itchy ivy. That sounds just miserable. Hope it disappears soon. So glad to know your mom is doing better. That's the best mum's day gift of all!

I know you are frantic-busy! Hang in there -- it'll calm down a little when school's out!

Janet said...

It's good to hear your mom is doing better but so sorry you have poison ivy! That must be a drag. I've never had it and don't want to start now!!

I forgot that you wouldn't have the summers off with this new job. :-( I was looking forward to that!

Rosa said...

beth! i am so happy to hear this! not your poison ivy, mind you, but your dear sweet mum up and about!! yaya!!!! what absolutely wonderful news. loveyaboth!!! so sorry to hear about the poison ivy. i too am allergic to the stuff. i remember many a day i couldn't go to the pool and go swimming with my brothers because i had it all over my body. i've been lucky though. guess since i'm allergic to just about everthing in the year and don't do as much out there because of it, i don't have run ins with the nasty stuff. xoxo

JessInFocus said...

Welcome back to BlogLand! Sorry about the poison ivy. That stuff is terrible. So glad your ma is doing better though.

Working year round isn't so bad. Look at it this way. The pay checks never stop! :)

Cat said...

Go Mama!

Sorry to hear of the rash that stuff always sounds so nasty, but mercifully I have been spared so far!

Good luck with graduation, we had ours a week or two ago and the kids loved it!

jet1960 said...

Yuck! Beth! So sorry about the poison ivy. My Mom is like that is she gets near the stuff and also in that it is hard for her to get well of it on her own. Hope you get cleared up.

So glad Lottie is doing better and to hear that she has been to Michael's lets me know she is on the mend.

CattyCat said...

I am sorry you are having to deal with this insidious situation. I've never had poison ivy or poison oak. As a kid I'd rub it on me trying to get it because I wanted the attention my bro and sis got. But it was to no avail. In a crazy moment I actually ate poison oak. That was at about 10 years of age - and luckly it just proved that I had a 100% natural immunity. I haven't tried it lately, and don't think I will either. LOL

Shop girl said...

Oh my goodness, Poison is not kind! I have been lucky, never had it, never want it. I have a itch just thinking about you.
So good to hear that your Mother is getting better. That is a wonderful gift.
Take care of you, Mary

Mary Timme said...

Oh you poor thing! I'm so glad your mom is better! PTL! Now we just you over itching and you'll be better too!

I've never touched it I guess. We don't have it out here as it is too dry! Thank heavens for that. Stinging Nettles were bad enough in Nebraska!

Artsy Etc. said... miserable is that? Bless your heart. I hope you get un itchy soon. My best to your dear mom too.

Annie said...

So sorry about the P.I. but outstanding news about your mom. Hope you are better by now.