Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long week-end and Yard sale!

Yes, thats what I did on saturday, had a yard sale. If you have had a yard sale then you know how much work that involves. I have some wonderful help. My dear hubby helped me set it all up on friday and saturday morning he put up all the signs for me. Then he had to go to the other house to work on it the rest of the week-end. So my dear Mom came over and sat with me all day. She also had some items in the sale.

So friday afternoon while I was setting it up I had a early customer. Do you see her over to the left of the picture, she is small and white with wings?

Yes, its little Ms. Lovey Dovey who wandered up to get some pre-sale bargins.

Being that I absolutely LOVE birds, I had to be the nice hostess and offer her some lunch. Well she must really love it here even though she didn't buy any bargins, as she is coming back every day now for a little breakfast, lunch and dinner. She is now our new little pet.
I have never seen white doves that just come for visits but she seems pretty happy here. When she gets her fill of seed she flys up to the shop roof and perches on the eve of the roof looking out at the back woods. I think she might have a nest out there somewhere.
Mom and I did really well on our sale on saturday. Here are some more pics.

Doesn't Mom look great? We had the best time setting up.
Look at that sweet smile!
I had to snap a shot of us together. I look horrible but I was tired and sweaty. Had my yard sale warrior kerchief on that day.
Nope,,she wasn't for sale!!!!
This is a very old jukebox that my brother sold in the yard sale. He got a really nice hunk of money for it too.
Now who wouldn't buy a wonderful Santa comode cover from that sweetheart?
And here I am advertising my spinner,,new in the package.
The rest of the week-end and Monday was spent down at the other house painting and foo-fooing to get it ready to put up for sale ASAP.
Yesterday afternoon we had some much needed rain with a few thunderstorms too. We came home and relaxed under the deck and enjoyed the coolness of the rain.
I took another day off today just to have a little "me time",,,Hubby went back to work so I have it by myself. Back to work tomorrow.
I hope every one had a wonderful holiday week-end!


Jeanie said...

What a great photo of Ms. Lovey Dovey! She's gorgeous! And your mom looks great, too. I wish I had the energy to do a sale -- they are having neighborhood sales in a couple of weeks; I might try to get something done by then!

Cat said...

Warrior are you!

Glad to see your mom up and about.

Annie said...

Hey! Hope you got rid of lots of stuff and made a boatload of mulla. LOL Annie

jet1960 said...

You and your Mom look cute! Hope you had a good sale. The bird is beautiful. We have gray doves around here, but I've never seen a white one except on TV.