Monday, November 05, 2007

Moving day for Mom and Dad!!

We moved my parents into their new house this week-end. So glad it was only next door to thier old house. My husband and I and 1 other brother were the movers. Also a sweet neighbor, Amy, came and helped some too. The picture above is of my hub and brother acting crazy. Hub found a floppy hat of Moms and wore it for a while, then brother had to try it later too. It was still early in the day so I don't think they had mover delirium yet, just crazy!
Picture below is of Mom and Dad supervising the move.
Thank goodness it was a beautiful week-end here. We got them all moved in and so lucky that my brother from Oklahoma will be staying with them for the next 2 months to help with unpacking and setting up different things. We were all worn out by last night. I am staying home today from work to nurse a sore back and body. Storms and colder weather are moving this way by this afternoon. Again, just blessed with a wonderful week-end and great brother and hub. Next move will be for me and hub, but not till after the 1st of the year.
I hope everyone else had a great Fall week-end.


Janet said...

I'm sure your mom and dad are happy with so many helpers. Sorry you're feeling the after effects of all the moving!

We're still having warm weather out here. I'd actually enjoy some chilly weather to put me in the mood for Thanksgiving.

CattyCat said...

Your mom moves like I do. Sit down and let the younguns do the moving. Much easier. I'm so happy the move is in motion. They you move next right? Wow, this is so cool. I wish I lived down the street.

AnnieElf said...

Hi Beth. Give you mom and great big hug from me. Happy landings in the new house. Annie

Rosa said...

Phew, I bet you're glad that's over!! Bet you were tired. But it was a great weekend for it. Hope your mom is taking it easy and letting your brother do the work. (I spy some swollen ankles.) Glad you're waiting until after the holidays to do yours. Sit back and relax til then. xoxo