Thursday, November 15, 2007

Harry Scarry times!!!!

For some reason I can relate to this picture right now. It definetly represents me at the present time. So many things to do and not alot of spare time to get alot acomplished. I have been working and packing and on the week-ends getting Mom settled in her house. We have been taking small loads of boxes and furniture up to the new house too. This week-end we are going to prep the walls to paint while we are off for Thanksgiving. I am getting really excited about this part too.
We will probably bring alot more furniture up to the house by Christmas. The idea is to empty out our present house and get it ready to sell by March. I am planning on moving in the new house after the first of the New Year. The hub will stay at the old house and work on it and of course I will help him on the week-ends but I have alot to do at the new house. We are not that far apart in distance so we will see each other all the time but presently this is the best plan for us.
I just wanted to say HI to all my Blogger Buds and tell you all that I am still trying to visit your blogs when I get a spare moment.
Oh, the picture above is one I found at this web-site It has some great and free victorian images.
Hugs to all!!!!


Shop girl said...

I get it! Hugs, Mary

Rosa said...

Hey skinny mini! You are so lucky you can do a little at a time, really. I hope we do get together to border! That will be fun!! Miss you. xoxo

AnnieElf said...

Hi Beth. I had a terrific day today with Aileen and Penny and the girls at Ai's for a class. You and your mom were with us in spirit. Your names came up more than once in the conversations.

Mary Timme said...

I'm so glad to hear from you and love the pictures of how you feel. Isn't life just something?

Cat said...

Moving. That say's it all. I think I about lost myself moving, let alone anything else of any importance to me. I still don't know where I put some treasures. Some untouched box - I hope.

Best wishes to you during these harry scarry times!

Hugs, Cat