Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Flowers, farms, fawn and storms!

Yesterday was a beautiful Fall day. Temps got up into the 70s. I had to go into town to the store so I took my camera and went in on the back roads. This is a nice horse farm on the way.
When I got home I went outside to take some pictures of my flowers that were still looking pretty.

Also some pictures of the Fall sky. The trees are not as pretty this year because of our severe drought.

And of course some Fall Leaves too! I looked across the street and my neighbors had some visitors in their front yard.
Then the storm clouds came rolling in. We had some pretty strong storms and alot cooler weather has arrived today. Freeze warning tonight so no more flowers with this major cool down. I hope every one has a great day. Back to work for me today.


AnnieElf said...

There's a TEDDY BEAR in the cleft of the tree!! Cute.

Seriously, Beth, how is the drought effecting you and your folks? Will the rain and a change of weather help with the diminished watershed or are we talking years of recovery?

Rosa said...

That was some storm!! Of course, I got caught in the thick of it in Franklin driving John to ACT classes. Grrrr. Then again it hit when I was picking him up! What's the deal with that??? Your pics are wonderful!! Love the dear. Awwww.