Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fall at the new house!!!

Isn't it pretty? I am so lucky to have such a pretty yard and pretty fall trees. We spent all day saturday working on the kitchen and bedrooms. And we will spend most of the Thanksgiving Holiday painting the kitchen and den. We will be eating at Mom's house. Daniel will be cooking the Turkey and Dressing and Mom is cooking the extras. Lots of Turkey for me,,and a couple of bites of stuffing and some salad. I dropped 2 more lbs this week-end, scrubbing walls and stripping wallpaper is great excercise.
Our school system is on Fall break this week, but not me,,bummer. Just me and another guy here at the school today. Really quiet too. I will take Wednesday off and then I am off Thanksgiving and on friday. I earn vacation days now in the new position so its nice to take off when I want too instead of when the system made me take off. If I was still in my old position I would have had 3 days (mon-wed) off with NO PAY,,I only would have been paid for thurs and friday. Now that hurts right before Christmas,,have I said how HAPPY I am that I have this job now? My paychecks went up almost $200 a check too,,it makes working on the new house alot easier.
Well I guess I better go do some filing. Thats about all I have to do this week. Our Student management system is down for the week so I can't enter schedules and that was what I was planning on doing,,bummer.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!!


CattyCat said...

I've seen it before as Lotties, now you just keep the beauty in the family. You are so lucky with this great situation. That house is a dream with the big yard and that great deck. Love it.

Happy Thanksgiving even if you are painting.

Rosa said...

Your new home is lovely. You are so lucky!! Those trees are amazing. Don't work too hard now Bethy. Woohooo on your continued weight loss. I may have to dig for you in those leaves if you keep losing!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xoxo

Mary Timme said...

Oh how pretty! Love the new house and love how happy you sound even with all the work. Actually, I think working is great fun because you feel so tired and worn out and graftified when it is all done. I love working, Once I get started that is. Now, the getting started...well let's just say I'm blog visiting right now! Happy Thanksgiving, Beth!

Cat said...

What a pretty house, and wonderful trees.

We had to say goodbye to Blue yesterday, it's been hard. Give Lady an extra big hug for me today.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy new home.